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13 Sept 2014

The five things I am most grateful for are:

  1. a driver who understands “time pressure”
  2. friends who give me a “heads up”
  3. a husband who was willing to pick up the kid from enrichment classes
  4. the rainy evening
  5. seeing an old friend at Global Mala

9 Sept 2014

The five things I’m most thankful for are:

  1. H feeling better
  2. yoga with Francois
  3. okinawa milk tea with pearls
  4. K sleeping early
  5. my new ballpen!

3 Sept 2014

The 5 Things I’m most grateful for today:

  1. being able to find parking!
  2. getting to the car before the rain started pouring
  3. receiving my new japa mala from The Mala Tree
  4. not a lot of homework, yay!
  5. soft lips because of what i bought from BeautyMNL

NEW Blog!

I’ve moved homes!  Come visit me at  ATTACHED AT THE HIP!

On my bookshelf

Look at the stuff I’ve yet to read!!! My bookshelf’s splitting at the seams. I love books and my most favourite place is a bookstore. I especially like Booksale because I find lots of gems there!!

Me and my serenitea

I’m working, it’s quiet and I have my serenitea. Ok na!

Lookit Where I’ve Been!

Where in the world can one find all these in one day, and just within miles of each other??



Impending rain. (and eventual rain)

A bit of rain…