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mac ads

E sent this link to me.

I love my mac!



One day, this kid started posing for the cam—

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Guess what I found?

TV Shows (part 3)

THIS is major BLAST from the PAST!!!

season 1 opening credits

season 2 opening credits

Even P and K like this, and wish that they’re still showing this show!

TV Shows (part 2)

I’m again walking down nostalgia lane while watching The Electric Company:

These were some of my favorite and most remembered clips:

The Plumber



TV Shows (part 1)

I am not much of a television person, but I do recall some shows I used to watch when I was young. I’m so happy that youtube‘s around because now I can walk down nostalgia lane and watch my favorite shows!

This was my all time number 1 show!

and this is my favorite song and monster on the show (it’s also K’s favorite song!!):

THIS is vintage Sesame Street:

Here’s another one…one with the orange:

And who can forget this:

Rubber Duckie

The Alligator King

The Ladybugs’ Picnic

Mahna Mahna

And here’s the ending clip fron the 35th Anniversary!

thank you thank you thank you to all of those who have posted these clips and helped me remember the good old days! =)

7th Heaven

I always look forward to Holy Week now because of the reruns of 7th Heaven.

I’ve read some reviews online that say it’s the cheesiest–albeit addicting–series by Aaron Spelling. But I LOVE THIS SHOW!

I’m not usually a television person, but I swear, this has got me hooked to the tv with entire day. Yesterday, Good Friday, they had a 9 episode marathon, and today, Black Saturday, it’s an 11 episode marathon! Woohoo!

No time to eat, no time for a shower, no time for a pee! Hahahahaha!