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I’m so Proud!

Because we had guests who arrived last week for my brother-in-law’s wedding last weekend, we were so busy! They started arriving in groups last Wednesday. And this was why we missed this:

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It’s a Start…

A few days ago, P had a quiz in Chinese.  When the quiz was returned and I checked it, he had an additional mistake, which would take his score to 7.5/10 (and this means “just passed”).

So, without mentioning the 7.5, I told him that he made an additional mistake in one number that his lao shi missed.  (She checked it correct rather than marked it wrong.)

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7 over 10

Okay, so sometime into the quarter, S and I receive this note from P’s Chinese teacher that among the listening drills and quizzes he’s taken, he’s gotten a 7/10 and a 7.25/10. I told S about it but quickly filed it in the “it’s not a big deal” file. I mean, what the hey, seven has more checks than Xs, right? And really, since I figure that if he understands and can say the words anyway, then fine, right?

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What is a Happy Gram?

Because of this post, I had several people ask me what a Happy Gram is.

Really, since I’m not from the same school as P, I have no idea what a Happy Gram is. Is it something that when you give it out, makes the receiver happy? It seems so because he was. LOL! =)

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Q2 exams

Wowowee!  Nope, not the television show, but for my son, P!

Last Friday, while I was on my way back from Rustan’s, I got a text from N, our cook, who picked up P from school that day.  The text read, “Kuya got perfect in Math, Filipino and Reading!”

I just *had* to ask how sure she was, as I didn’t realize that the teacher checked the papers so quickly.

She said that the teacher gave away “awards”.

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Of Fellowships (Prep)

pahiyas3.jpgThis year’s fellowship was different. Because we were told that the school would like to focus on values, we had to think of a theme in order to make use of this.

And because I thought the theme had to be Pinoy, S thought it would be good to have a fiesta for the theme.

As the theme of this year’s fellowship is meant to reflect values, we decided that the day will revolve around the community spirit shown in rural Philippine towns; as exemplified in the yearly town fiesta, where people who haven’t been home in years make an effort to come home to be with friends and loved ones, and hospitality, graciousness and generosity are watchwords.

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Of Fellowships (Nursery)

So this is what we did for nursery with the following goals in mind:

  • to get everyone to join in all the events at all times
  • to finish in 2 hours or less (remember, this is held on weekends, when parents can actually get time off)
  • to get the parents work hand-in-hand
  • to keep within the budget
  • to make sure everyone had fun

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