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Daisy is clean again!

Remember Daisy alias Mackenzie?

Well, for a while, my all white Daisy started becoming doity. =(

But I read from several mac sites that a good cleaner is this.

However, I was at Ace Hardware and found this—

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Daisy is Lurv

I’ve been wanting (note: just wanting, not needing) a mac for the longest time.

And as of last Wednesday, my not-really-high-on-Maslow’s-hierarchy-of-needs want has been answered!!! Check this out—

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Thank YOU

(Cross posted from Mom Exchange)

Thank you

Two simple words that can alter feelings in a certain situation.

Two words that my parents taught us to say when we’re given something.

Two words S and I are teaching our kids to say when they receive something.

Two words that we sometimes don’t hear anymore.

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Honey Propolis Shampoo

clip_image004_2.jpgWe were at Tagaytay a few weekends ago and I was so happy to hear from our friend that the store at the Sports Center sold stuff by Ilog Maria!

It was a great excuse to go “shopping” for the weekend. (And you’d think there was no shopping place in Highlands, think again!)

Of course, I didn’t wait long to use it–I made sure that I bought it before we went to swim at Camp Highlands so I could use it when I showered after!

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Natural Soap

I have very recently read and wrote (check here) how what we use on our body can affect us.

One item that’s prominent in most shampoos and soap around is SLES. And until someone pointed it out to me (isn’t that always the case??), I didn’t know the possible effects of SLES.

So I was soooo glad to have found Giga Ventures at Tiendesitas last night!!

They had a little store that sold all their stuff! S and I bought the Shampoo Bar, VCO Soap (which I have already tried on my face twice—left my skin soft and smooth…I may not need a moisturizer na!), No Pain! (which the shop owner massaged S with, and he actually felt an immediate relief–he played badminton that afternoon–and was so impressed by it, that we got a big jar, thank goodness—goodbye Omega!), Bath Gel (which had a heavenly scent of lavender and peppermint!).

I can’t wait to try out the Shampoo Bar! Will let you know how it goes! Goodbye SLES!!!


Took P and K to P’s friend’s house this afternoon for a play date. P has been friends with MG for more than a year now. They were classmates at preschool. I guess they grew close because his mom, JG, and I hung around a lot.

Anyway, when JG saw me this afternoon, her first greeting was “Hi! Uy, parang pumayat ka yata!” (translated: “Hey, looks like you’ve slimmed down!” — this is such a Pinoy thing to greet like this…but that’s for another blog entry.) “And, you’re looking good!”

So I say thanks, and that it’s mostly because I had my hair styled (by this “magician” called Louis Philip Kee of Salon de Ken along Palanca St in Makati) and I now wear makeup (thanks to mineral makeup!).

Then she looked at me and said, “Well…your eyes are easy to makeup kasi eh.”

At that point, I appreciated the however tiny crease that I have in my eyes. I looked at her and realized that she had typical Asian eyes without creases at all! After my endless research on how to do makeup for Asian eyes, I figure that I have it a lot easier after all!

Smokey eyes, here I come! (Thanks to my Soho Lounge and my Retro Lounge Eye Kits!)