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We Had a Scare

Part of the requirements to big school for K is a visual and auditory test.  When we took P 3 years ago, there was no problem at all.  For K, I waited till the very last minute to submit the requirements, thus that hearing and auditory test was done last minute too.

P and I took K to the clinic recommended by the school.  To my shock and dismay, the tester said that K’s left ear had “mild hearing loss”.  Determined not to look too shocked, I calmly called S and informed him and began calling friends who would have advise for me.

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Especially for Mec

Sis, just to prepare you for the time when Yakee can start grasping things—please remember that permanent markers and kids don’t mix.

Remember this?  (More artistic as he was trying to draw eyeglasses.)

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Daisy is Lurv

I’ve been wanting (note: just wanting, not needing) a mac for the longest time.

And as of last Wednesday, my not-really-high-on-Maslow’s-hierarchy-of-needs want has been answered!!! Check this out—

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Snippets of Tagaytay

Here’s a picture of S outside the Greenhouse Bistro (which is our number 1 favorite restaurant now inside Highlands). He was on the phone with a friend when I took this picture.

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S and I spent Friday night at Tagaytay.

He had a meeting Saturday morning and since the boys were sick, we didn’t take them anymore (yay, time for both of us!). We left Manila not too late in the afternoon to make sure we don’t get stuck in traffic (it’s a b**ch getting caught in traffic between the Alabang viaduct and somewhere near Mamplasan!).

We had dinner at Verbena in Discovery Country Suites, Tagaytay.

Here are some of the pictures I took with the help of our new SB-400 and Picasa’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” function—

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Took this picture on our way to Tagaytay last weekend.

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Of Fellowships

P started big school last year. And for the first three levels (nursery, prep and grade 1), there is what you call a fellowship where all the parents and children get together and try (at some level—because it tends to get crazy with the number of people) and get to know one another.

It’s a chance for other parents to get to know their co-parents, for them to get to know the friends of their kids, for them to meet the kids’ teachers in an informal setting and for their kids to get to know the parents of their classmates.

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