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Last Christmas, I went to (nearly) all Advent Masses because P said that his CLE (Christian Living Education) teacher advised that they should go to Mass during all Sundays of Advent. In an attempt to be supportive, I went with him, took K so that S would have no choice but to join us as well. It worked.

More than that, we did the Jesse Tree over December, I never felt “back in the fold” as I did then.

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I’m so Proud!

Because we had guests who arrived last week for my brother-in-law’s wedding last weekend, we were so busy! They started arriving in groups last Wednesday. And this was why we missed this:

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During this entire Ondoy and Pepeng experiences, there was one prominent word that I felt — guilt. However, it was something I couldn’t (and still can’t!) process.

I felt guilty that the people in so many places lost their homes. I felt guilty I couldn’t give more (there’s a point when you just have to give and it hurts — been there several times). I felt guilty I was thinking of business while people are sardined in evacuation centers. I felt guilty that I couldn’t join my friends in our breastfeeding missions. I felt guilty that I was still living my life normally (save for our basement, lol!) while so many people stopped their lives (for weeks!) to help out.

Beijing Part 2: Inside the Forbidden City

After walking what felt like hours in this place, I know now why it’s called the Forbidden City. It was so huge, it forbids people to from wanting to walk to see the emperor. LOL!

I actually forgot to put sunscreen on the neck so I had a huge ring around my chest, where my shirt’s collar was. Hahaha!

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Beijing (Part 1) Subtitled: Exploring the Land of My Forefathers

I am Filipino by birth and Chinese by heritage. When a Singaporean friend ask me several years back what I would say if someone asked me if I were Chinese or Filipino, what would I say? I automatically said, “Filipino”. She said that she would, in the same vein, say “Singaporean”. (She’s Chinese by heritage as well.)

On the one hand, we, who are “not exactly” Pinoy and “not exactly” Chinese, have been blessed to have both worlds. On the other hand, it is also difficult because I have personally experienced being called “different” by other Pinoys.

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So, general rules at the table is no toys — if my father-in-law’s around.

And he isn’t.

So yesterday, K brought some two transformers to dinner. After the meal, he asked Ate N to hold them for him as he was preparing to go back to the room.

I said, “K, you brought them him, you should carry them back yourself.”

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10 years na kami

10 years.

S and I have been married for 10 years.  We had known each other 13 prior to that.  We’ve known each other for more than half our lives.  We felt it best to celebrate by renewing our vows.

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