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i am ninoy

When Ninoy Aquino died in (when was that again?), I remember I was at my grandparents’ house.  I was 12? 13? years old and didn’t know any other president except Marcos.

I sat at their table writing to my then penpal from the US when a newsflash about a guy who got shot at the airport.  I recall my parents’ and grandparents’ reactions were of total shock.  I suppose sort of like the reactions the Americans had when the planes hit the World Trade Center in 2001.

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I remember when the results of the bar S took came out.  We hit the gym (well, not together, he played badminton and I did the gym thing), and had dinner out.  He was a picture of calm, cool and collected.

My folks were excited.  My mom, most especially.

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Life Can’t Wait.

On moving up day in Prep so many years ago, I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. Without hesitation, I confidently said I wanted to be a mother. I recall hearing the audience laugh.

Fast forward to 1993–about to graduate from university, I wanted to have a (seemingly) glamorous job, and began working in the field of high finance as a a stockbroker (I was thinking Wall Street, but then, really, the PSE is way far from Wall Street). But because I was a rookie, a lot of the fund managers I was handling, ended up handling me—which made me a glorified order taker. I decided that after two years of working, it was time for me to move on.

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Sawa ka na ba?

Got this from my inbox yesterday. A lot of us are tired, and wanting a change for the better…but we’re not the activist types. So this might interest you—

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Wedding cake maker—sued!

I read this “ridicurous” (as P would exclaim) story in the papers today: Couple who filed suit over cake lose case.

I don’t know their side of the story (all of us know that when stories like these get into the papers, there is always something that’s *wrong*). But that couple must be hella pissed for their case to go up to the court of appeals! Besides, one of them must be a lawyer. I can’t imagine shelling out money to pay a lawyer for such a case! =p

This Country’s Going to the Dogs!

Saw this in this morning’s Philstar. I swear, if Garci wins, our country’s going to the dogs.

In the papers!

Thanks, Philippine Daily Inquirer!