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Mini Donuts!!

Krispy Kreme certainly knows how to make people in my office happy! Look at what we got before!

Surprise!!! Look at all these yummy donuts! The insides were filled!

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Support groups

A few weeks ago saw me running around like a headless chicken.

Then last Saturday was when everything came to a halt. When the exams of P were done, the talk at Rustan’s was done, the LATCH event was done, a lot of stuff at work were finally (!) done, I finally took some time off and did what most girls would do—shop.

Yup. I blew a bit on new eyeshadow (LUV!!) and primer (major works! loveit!) by Ellana Minerals.

Maybe I need this na…

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Skin Hour’s Deep Cleansing Oil

I’m a sucker for new *beauty* things, in some strange way. Especially *natural* made stuff. So when Skin Hour launched their line of beauty products, and were going to give away freebies, I quickly sent in my request for some!

I asked for a Mattifying Day Cream and a Firming and Clarifying Toner.

They both came in itsy bitsy sizes, though, enough for a trial.

When I tried the mattifying day cream, I noticed that it suspiciously smelled and felt like Leyende‘s Face Canvas.  I later found out that it was Neva of Leyende who indeed manufactured these products for Skin Hour!  However, these products were the concept of Char (of Skin Hour).

I honestly didn’t notice much difference between the mattifying day cream and face canvass, however, I do understand that Skin Hour‘s day cream has some kind of sunblock (SPF) in it.  And is supposed to be more mattifying than the Face Canvas.

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S and I spent Friday night at Tagaytay.

He had a meeting Saturday morning and since the boys were sick, we didn’t take them anymore (yay, time for both of us!). We left Manila not too late in the afternoon to make sure we don’t get stuck in traffic (it’s a b**ch getting caught in traffic between the Alabang viaduct and somewhere near Mamplasan!).

We had dinner at Verbena in Discovery Country Suites, Tagaytay.

Here are some of the pictures I took with the help of our new SB-400 and Picasa’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” function—

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When the G-Man mentioned that they’d begun to sell Leyende on Kikay Exchange, I said, nah…too expensive. Can’t afford it.

That was until I got on to Multiply. And I read how yummy the products smelled like and how this one particular item worked so well with oily skin. (One of my major major problems was that whatever I do—use the sandwich method, or even spritz with water to set my foundation, my face always oiled and when you drag a finger from one point of my forehead to the other, you’d surely have some semblance of foundation on the fingertip.)

On one hand, I was so eager to try Face Canvas because it sounded really interesting (“natural” and “organic” being the number 1 reasons). On the other hand, I was afraid that if I got one, it would see dust faster than I can say “Fox in Socks”. (Which is something that happens with most of my face stuff.)

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Hello, I’m J…

…and I’m a mineral makeup-aholic.

I never thought I’d get this far. Honestly. I was never the type to put anything on my face. I hated makeup! It was bothersome. Sometimes, I’d forget I was wearing some then I’d suddenly scratch an itch on my forehead, then I’d find some foundation on my nails. Ugh.

Then one day, something strange happened. I was reading a thread in one of my egroups about makeup. About Bare Escentuals, in particular.

The girls in the group were saying that this brand was great because it covered pretty well and was really like AND — just in case you fall asleep in it, it was okay! That is was gentle enough for the most sensitive skin! This brand claimed “natural” and since I was going that way, I figured I’d give it a try.

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He called her Brutus

In today’s interview of Yilmaz, he called Ruffa “Brutus”. Of course, he meant *this* Brutus—>

What was funny was that I had *this* Brutus in mind!