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Widget Smidget

I love love love mac’s widgets!!!  Here are what I have so far on my dashboard:

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mac ads

E sent this link to me.

I love my mac!

Things you can do with a mac

Okay, so tonight, I was fiddling with Daisy and found out about Comic Life.

So I used the pictures we took from Picture Booth (another super fun app that the boys like playing with) and made them into comics!

Please indulge me as I share these with you…

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Daisy is Lurv

I’ve been wanting (note: just wanting, not needing) a mac for the longest time.

And as of last Wednesday, my not-really-high-on-Maslow’s-hierarchy-of-needs want has been answered!!! Check this out—

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My It-Can-Do-Everything! Phone

Sometime last year, my mobile phone provider, Globe Telecom, gave me the chance to upgrade my phone as part of their loyalty program. I had several choices but this is what I picked:

a Sony Ericsson w850i. I figured that it not only could make calls and send messages, it could play music too! (Strange,

More…yes, but I’m into house music…I know, I know, it doesn’t sound so “motherly”, but then who’s to say what “motherly” is, right? =) And maybe we can just go with the “hot mama” bit. But I digress…)

Anyway, I’ve been fiddling with the phone since. It’s got a 2megapixel camera and can take video (which Stan said I should have reconsidered and picked the N73 I was being offered)! And on hindsight, as I browsed both sites for the different features, both mobiles more or less generally have the same characteristics and software installed.

Do I feel bad? Nah…not really. Because, ultimately, to me, the cute factor of the SEw850i is what I preferred. =)

And really, as long as it can do video (as below), I’m happy!

Here’s another one…