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Reconnecting with Old Friends

I wrote about my 2010 goals in the beginning of the year. While I have yet to fulfill the rest (I’m doing good with #4, #5 and #6 these days), I’ve been trying to fulfill #7 quite well.

I did take a trip to visit my BFF who’s been living there for more than 20++ years! I had that long postponed lunch with a friend from university, and I finally had dinner last night with two friends from way back. We were together in the student council in highschool.

And it’s been great! I realize today that I have friends I can count on (is it because we all have begun to realize that we have lives to live on our own, aside from our husband and kids??). For a while, I’d be so sad that I didn’t have girlfriends to call for nights out. But then, I now know it’s what I choose to do!

And I choose to reconnect with my friends, I choose to make new ones, I choose to live my life, distinct, though connected, with my family.

I am woman. Hear me RAWR. (from SATC2)


Rekindling Old Friendships

When my batch graduated from highschool (I can’t believe it’s been so many years, it feels like yesterday, really!), I hardly saw any of them after.  Unlike the rest of them, my barkada and I weren’t the type to have regular (save for Christmas) get togethers, shopping days, or playdates.

It was probably a matter of schools we chose to go to, and what degrees we wanted to specialize in.  One of the girls went to AdMU,  four went to DLSU, and three (including me) went to UPD.  And the three of us who went to UP had different fields of study so we all went to different buildings within the campus (and we all know how big the school is, physically!).

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New Friend!

Okay, so I was doing something I wasn’t supposed to do where I was this afternoon…I spent a good part of it on the phone, with someone who I didn’t had a wrong impression of. I’m glad she reached out and emailed me or I wouldn’t have thought her this way.

Yes, I was talking to the Queen of Bag Hags herself, Mrs. T. And man, she was HILARIOUS! I had to keep my voice down, considering where I was.

I hadn’t had the chance to “burn the lines” (so to speak) since I was in—undergrad? We found so many similar things between us—some, I care not to repeat here, or I incriminate myself.

It was great talking to you, hag! Hope you get that article out on time, if not…hala, baka wala ka nang trabaho (i.e., no shopping — err…educational fund for the kids!)

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This one is from Meeyagirl.

I got tagged! This is the first time ever that I get to answer one of these things.

I’ll be answering for P and for K..

How did you feel during those first few days after the birth?

P: After P’s birth, I felt like I knew everything…when in fact, I didn’t pala. Boohoohoo…after nine days, had to take him back to the hospital and his doctor pronounced him dehydrated (I partially blame the nurses in Cardinal Santos who didn’t know a thing, and myself.) I was so crying in his office—I felt like I was Maricel Soriano in some drama special. My eyes were red and bulging for days.

I think I had some form of PPD after Ps delivery since there would be days that I’d look at him and just…cry…out of sheer love, happiness and well…tired-ness (is there a word?) too.

But I couldn’t get over the fact that I delivered him naturally, after 2.5 hours of active labor. No drugs, I was up and about around 5 hours after the birth!

K: Ah…for K’s birth, I PREPARED! I was mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually prepared to take care of him and breastfeed him exclusively.

How were you emotionally?

P: I was tired. I had to listen to people tell me that I didn’t have milk, that I should let the baby cry because it was good for his lungs, that I should not take a shower because I would get creaky bones in my old age.

K: Again, I was prepared for all that. So whenever someone insinuated that my milk was inadequate, deadma. When someone said I should let the baby cry because it’s good for his lungs, deadma. When someone said I should not take a shower because I’d get creaky bones, I tried to follow but couldn’t do it past the tenth day. Besides, I wanted to join the rest of the family in Tagaytay for New Year’s dinner, so I had to take a shower.

Is there anything you wish people had told you about the postpartum period?

::Well…that is would be better to get a steam sterilizer so that my Medela pump bottle wouldn’t melt. *sigh*

::That breastfeeding is a learned art.

::That crying isn’t exercise for the lungs.

::That babies cry because of so many different things, not only because they’re hungry.

::That you’ll be in charge of their lives after you deliver them. (And how they turn out will be your responsibility.)

::That the older they get the more difficult the problems you’ll encounter.

How long do you plan to breastfeed?

With P, it was a year (first 3 months were mixed, the next 6 were exclusive, and the last 3 were mixed again). Weaned him in a year. K, at 15 months, is still breastfeeding.

Do you have any advice for getting through those first weeks of breastfeeding?

So yes…position your baby correctly, make sure his/her latch is correct, eat healthy food, drink lots of fluids, let everyone else do the chores while you focus on baby, and attend support group meetings!!!

Was there any stress between you and your husband over the baby?

Not with K. Only with P. And I guess it’s because he was first and we didn’t know what to do.

Let’s talk about your body, did things get totally rearranged?

Hahaha! No, but I could use the exercise now!

Care to share how much you weighed before and how much now?

No, but I did gain 30, and haven’t lost the last ten. =)

What advice or comfort can you offer other new moms about their weight?

Breastfeed! You’ll lose most of it!

How important is it for you to have a work identity?

Not very. When I quit work in anticipation for P’s arrival (it helped that I had symptoms of preeclampsia) a lot of my friends lauded my decision (which, essentially, was made for me, because I *had* to quit work), while some chided me…that my “smarts” (are there any?? =) ) would go to waste, that my MBA (oh, I had too much fun!) would go to waste, that I’d be bored outta my wits.

Those one and a half years with P were some of the GREATEST years of my life!That’s why I feel guilty that I am not spending the same amount of time with K. =(

Was your baby a lot of fun right from the start?

With P, it wasn’t so fun, because he was “new” and we were new at being parents. But with K, it was a whole different ball game. He was such a cool baby, and of course, we knew what we were getting into now.

What’s your baby like now?

P’s about to turn FIVE (!) next week. He’s very tall (at 4’1″) and quite the talker. He can be a litigator (in the steps of his Ninang Trina!) the way he weasels his way out of things.

(This was an actual conversation between Paul and his paternal grandmother:

Gramma Tan: P, you’ll be in Xavier (big school) next year, so you have to listen to your teachers, okay?
P: Okay.
Gramma Tan: If not, they’ll make you stand in the corner…sige
P: Oh, which corner??


K, on the other hand, has mastered walking first before talking (P was the other way around). He’s begun talking in small syllables “pa-pa”, “ma-ma”, “ya-ya”, and “mom-my!!!!” (when in dire need). Oh, and “car-car” for star.

He’s much the entertainer his Grandpa Tan hoped P would be. (P’s a bit more like Stan and myself…we prefer to be alone in the crowd sometimes.) And perhaps, one day (NOT!), he might actually fulfill his grandfather’s dream to have someone in government from the familiy.

Tagging my other friends for this!!! Apple, Mia, Ella, DinDin, Trina, Jen, Carolinesagot naman kayo (answer the Q&A too)!

My Friends

Barkada Family Picture Posted by Hello

These are our dearest and closest friends. It’s been said that the friends you make in highschool are those that will be with you for the rest of your life. We’re lucky, S and I, as we still all are friends.

This picture was taken last December during our barkada Christmas party.