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I’m so Proud!

Because we had guests who arrived last week for my brother-in-law’s wedding last weekend, we were so busy! They started arriving in groups last Wednesday. And this was why we missed this:

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Beijing Part 2: Inside the Forbidden City

After walking what felt like hours in this place, I know now why it’s called the Forbidden City. It was so huge, it forbids people to from wanting to walk to see the emperor. LOL!

I actually forgot to put sunscreen on the neck so I had a huge ring around my chest, where my shirt’s collar was. Hahaha!

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Beijing (Part 1) Subtitled: Exploring the Land of My Forefathers

I am Filipino by birth and Chinese by heritage. When a Singaporean friend ask me several years back what I would say if someone asked me if I were Chinese or Filipino, what would I say? I automatically said, “Filipino”. She said that she would, in the same vein, say “Singaporean”. (She’s Chinese by heritage as well.)

On the one hand, we, who are “not exactly” Pinoy and “not exactly” Chinese, have been blessed to have both worlds. On the other hand, it is also difficult because I have personally experienced being called “different” by other Pinoys.

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Of Ice Cream

Last night, S felt like he wanted ice cream.  Old fashioned ice cream.

We had recently visited

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Protected: Virgin Mary

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Someone sent me the link to this cool site!


James is big.  As in basketball player big.

His background is in physical therapy.  And he did a two-year course with a reflexology school in Manila–the name of which suddenly escapes me.  He says that the founder of the school was one of the pioneers in the country.

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