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Wrap that baby!

When the boys were babies, diaper changing would always be challenging. Most especially when they were around 4-5 months when they began to learn how to turn over. Every now and then, diaper changes turned really messy.

But I guess new parents have a choice now. Check out what I got in my inbox today!

My Pinoy mind tells me “aw….cute….but kawawa naman yung baby!” Hahahaha! I’m sure all other (2 pax?) Pinoy moms out there who read this blog (Hi Mom, Hi Can!) can understand what I mean.

Nevertheless, if you guys decide your malikot baby needs one, check out this SITE.


It’s a Start…

A few days ago, P had a quiz in Chinese.  When the quiz was returned and I checked it, he had an additional mistake, which would take his score to 7.5/10 (and this means “just passed”).

So, without mentioning the 7.5, I told him that he made an additional mistake in one number that his lao shi missed.  (She checked it correct rather than marked it wrong.)

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Happy Things When I’m Sick

I’m been sick since last night.  And I hate feeling sick only because I hardly am.

My joints hurt (eto pala yung feeling!), my head hurts, my throat hurts!

But despite all that, these are the highlights of my “I feel like sh*t sick” day…

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7 over 10

Okay, so sometime into the quarter, S and I receive this note from P’s Chinese teacher that among the listening drills and quizzes he’s taken, he’s gotten a 7/10 and a 7.25/10. I told S about it but quickly filed it in the “it’s not a big deal” file. I mean, what the hey, seven has more checks than Xs, right? And really, since I figure that if he understands and can say the words anyway, then fine, right?

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Conversations at home…

P: OH NO!!!!! I can’t watch The Price is Right* because of that appointment we have to go to!!!!!


K (walking over to P): Kuya, what’s the matter?
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We attended a wedding of a cousin and brought the boys a few weeks ago and dinner was done Chinese style — a lauriat.   This means that there were several courses (10 or 11!) from appetizers (cold cuts) all the way to dessert.

To make sure P eats (he can be picky), I checked out the menu they left on the table to know what was going to be served. Then I told him what to expect for dinner.

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