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Wrap that baby!

When the boys were babies, diaper changing would always be challenging. Most especially when they were around 4-5 months when they began to learn how to turn over. Every now and then, diaper changes turned really messy.

But I guess new parents have a choice now. Check out what I got in my inbox today!

My Pinoy mind tells me “aw….cute….but kawawa naman yung baby!” Hahahaha! I’m sure all other (2 pax?) Pinoy moms out there who read this blog (Hi Mom, Hi Can!) can understand what I mean.

Nevertheless, if you guys decide your malikot baby needs one, check out this SITE.



So, general rules at the table is no toys — if my father-in-law’s around.

And he isn’t.

So yesterday, K brought some two transformers to dinner. After the meal, he asked Ate N to hold them for him as he was preparing to go back to the room.

I said, “K, you brought them him, you should carry them back yourself.”

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We Had a Scare

Part of the requirements to big school for K is a visual and auditory test.  When we took P 3 years ago, there was no problem at all.  For K, I waited till the very last minute to submit the requirements, thus that hearing and auditory test was done last minute too.

P and I took K to the clinic recommended by the school.  To my shock and dismay, the tester said that K’s left ear had “mild hearing loss”.  Determined not to look too shocked, I calmly called S and informed him and began calling friends who would have advise for me.

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K’s drawing of Spongebob


Of Ice Cream

Last night, S felt like he wanted ice cream.  Old fashioned ice cream.

We had recently visited

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Happy Things When I’m Sick

I’m been sick since last night.  And I hate feeling sick only because I hardly am.

My joints hurt (eto pala yung feeling!), my head hurts, my throat hurts!

But despite all that, these are the highlights of my “I feel like sh*t sick” day…

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Of Breasts and …

Actors:  K and me

Scene: Our bedroom, in the evening, K lying on the bed, ill, but getting better.

Background:  Everyone’s brushed teeth already, it’s bedtime and we were all making ourselves comfy and read to turn in for the night.

So, since it’s evening already, I take off my top undergarment (read:  bra) and lay it on the bed as I was getting other items to take the the bathroom.

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