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We attended a wedding of a cousin and brought the boys a few weeks ago and dinner was done Chinese style — a lauriat.   This means that there were several courses (10 or 11!) from appetizers (cold cuts) all the way to dessert.

To make sure P eats (he can be picky), I checked out the menu they left on the table to know what was going to be served. Then I told him what to expect for dinner.

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(X post from MomEx)

We all do, don’t we? Especially about our children—how we parent them, how we “discipline” them, how we feed them, how we love them, and ultimately, how cute they are!

It just seems that when moms get together, the conversation is unending. And what’s great is that we learn from each other!

Well, next Saturday, the 16th of June, Mom Exchange together with Verdana Homes, is giving us a chance to do just that! The very first ever Parents Ponder… will be held at 9 to 11 am at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in the Convergys Building in Makati.

Why Verdana Homes, you say? Because they believe in fostering family bonding. With today’s two income families, it is sometimes very difficult to find time for the family. As all of us know, it is very important for us as parents to be active in the growing years of our children. How can we bond with them? What can we do? How can we manage our time?

We are holding a series of Parents Ponder to help our MomEx community members learn and gain support from one another, and ultimately, foster the goal of family bonding.

Please join us for our first talk on Attachment Parenting, where we will discuss what it’s all about and how we can all be attachment parents.

Kindly email jencctan [at] gmail [dot] com to register. Please include mobile number, and names of attendees.

Wedding Guests

S and I attended a wedding at the Shangri-la Makati on behalf of his parents last night.

I expected it to be boring (didn’t know anyone!) but it turned out to be okay (our friend was the videographer for the wedding)! For one thing, when we saw the setting, I was hopeful that the food was good. I assumed that since there were a lot of utensils per person, if we go by volume, there would at least be something I liked.

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Halalan 2007

I voted, I voted!

Honestly, it was only because S took so long in his line. (I didn’t want to because I had such a nice manicure and I didn’t want the indelible ink to ruin it!) So I asked the people who were at my precinct to please *please* put a little bit because I didn’t want to ruin my manicure.

And guess who I saw??

Mother and daughter, Loi and Jackie. I didn’t get a picture of Jude because when they walked in, I was wondering why JV was with them, it turned out to be Jude (who’s just as hefty as his brother and his half-brother!!).Wonder who they’re voting for???

Justice Bernardo Pardo

And…I suppose you guys know who this is, I will not say anything as I might say something nasty. LOL!

And this really nice GMA7 reporter. I was too embarrassed to ask for her name. So here she is, nameless.

And THIS is the *Ballot Secrecy Folder*. (Heck, it’s not like other people can’t see what you’re writing.)

THIS is what’s behind the Ballot Secrecy Folder.

Here’s a closer look—notice how they crossed out the other Cayetano guy’s name.

This is how the official ballot looked like before I wrote on it.

And after some alcohol, this is how my manicured finger looked like. I voted.


(partial repost from MomEx)

I still remember that very first Valentine’s Day 21 (gads, has it been that long??) years ago. Both S and I were in highschool and I was major giddy because I found out a few months ago that he liked me. I received, that very Valentine’s morning, a box of long stemmed red roses from Petals and Twigs (man, blast from the past…do any of you guys remember this place in front of what is now called V Mall??) We probably went out on a date that night too, but I honestly can’t recall where.

Yes, we’re that type of a couple. We actually go out on Valentine’s Day itself. And, unlike most people, we hardly run into traffic (maybe this year, but then who knows?).

My most memorable V-Days are:

  • the V-Day before we got married: we had dinner at the Lopez Center in Antipolo. Stan got tickets to a concert by The CompanY while Grassi’s catered dinner. We also had a chance to sleep over but then, strict ang parents ko. =) So we went home.
  • the V-Day before P was born: I was so huge then (P was due in March so you guys can imagine!). We decided to join his cousins’ Valentine’s luau. S surprised me when we entered into the house of his relatives. He prepared a bunch of tulips, plus some goodies from Santis! He got me whole wheat pandesal (which I was craving for) from a bakery in Galleria (yes, you crave strange things when pregnant), parma ham, and some steak and lamb he grilled for me for dinner.
  • the V-Day after K: I wasn’t as huge as I was after I delivered K (I’m thinking it was the successful breastfeeding! Woohoo!). We had a nice quiet dinner at this place called Cookbook Kitchen, right beside Paul’s preschool, Explorations. Since they had no special menu, we just ordered, and we ordered a LOT!! (I was bfg remember?) Love their baked parmesan fish!!!
  • the V-Day that we didn’t plan anything (last year): we decided to throw fate to the wind and see where it would take us. We ended up at this little place called Barcino’s, along J Vargas. Read about it here.


This year’s V-Day was the best EVER! (But yes, finally, after all those years, we ran into traffic. I left the house late to go to his office kasi.)

When I got to his office, he was already waiting for me with a dozen pink roses. They were so pretty! We headed to Santis at Astoria Plaza. We got cheese (bleu cheese, edam and gauda) and sausages (milano, polish, hungarian and pancetta)!

It took a while to get to the place we were going to (yes, yes, traffic!) but then we eventually made it a little past 730pm (which isn’t bad at all, I think!). We got to the penthouse of the building where we were going to picnic. (We should have been there a lot earlier, and because I was late, we missed the sunset. *sigh*, oh well…)

This was how our little picnic looked like–

And our food, upclose:

It was really nice. We spent time just talking, and watching the cars go by, and the lights of the city. It was great that the breeze was cool as well.

On the way home, S mentioned that he forgot about dessert. So we stopped by our old favorite, Cookbook Kitchen, to get some scarlet cake. (Man, they’ve come a long way from our V-Day nearly two years ago. They were serving a full house! =) ) Mmmmm….their scarlet cake is as good as we remember it to be

One of my most favorite V-Days!! S has certainly racked up those pogi points!!


I’ve never been to my high school homecoming–EVER.

But I’ve been to S’s highschool homecoming several years ago when VJ Nonie Tao of MTV Asia was hosting. And that batch who brought Nonie in has done it again.

Last Saturday, the highschool celebrated their Golden Jubilee. And they estimated around 1,500 people to attend…but lo and behold, three thousand people showed up! What a roaring success! (not exactly, really, because they ran out of food…, though we were able to get Krispy Kremes — someone sent boxes and boxes and boxes of those uber sweet donuts over)

I had fun because a lot of S’s batchmates were friends of mine in highschool as well. I really looked forward to it because I hadn’t seen some of the guys in such a long time!

It was so hilarious because after the beer started flowing, I heard several confessions that could only be admitted after so many years (and a few drinks).

It was a really fun evening catching up. Sayang nga since S was not feeling well so we had to leave. (I would have wanted to stay but it would look strange since he was the alumni, and not I.) Oh well…

Lazy Sunday

Yesterday started really late for S and I. We skipped out on the usual Sunday thing with the rest of his family and went out ourselves.

First stop was the Legazpi Market. Since S is not an early riser, he’s never been to any of these organic markets (heck, I’ve been to the Salcedo Market only once–but hey, that was bustling!).

Here is a part of the place where they sell produce. Hmmm…I realize now that I should have taken a picture of the table right beside it. It sold organic rice, lemongrass tea, dried red chili, among others. On the opposite end, they sell fresh fruits as well.

I also found someone who distributes Becky’s Kitchen! Don’t you guys just looooove their very moist brownies? Here’s her stall:

Her name is Rosanne Hugo. And her contacts are: 810 1059, 0917 5291402 and

This lovely lady also makes salad dressing! Check out the two buckets below:

This one on the left has her Oriental and Strawberry Vinaigrette dressings, while the one on the right shows her Caesar dressing. Check her out!

A few paces down, I met Eric Angeles at his stall, Cocoa Loco. And yes, the chocolate here is soooo good! Even S couldn’t say no to a Nutella Ensaimada!

When he said the magic word, “white chocolate”, I was hooked. They offered me to try the carrot cake (soooo moist) topped with white chocolate. HEAVEN, I swear. I had to control myself so I could leave some for S to try when we got home!

And this proves that his stuff is great—S, who regularly turns down food with sugar added, actually bought a nutella ensaimada! YES! Here’s how it looks like:

And my carrot cake:

Sorry, Eric, I don’t think I did justice to how it tasted! I think it was good that I actually remembered to take a photo!

Eric can be contacted at: 8173189, 09178903189 or

After the Legazpi Market, S and I headed off to Rockwell! Haven’t been here in AGES! Told our friend Kara that we’d drop by the bazaar she organized. Tickled Pink, a benefit bazaar for and by I Can Serve, was held at the Loft.

Here are some pictures I took:

Here is the I Can Serve booth, selling souvenir items. Can you see me?

Here are some snapshots from the bazaar. I love how pink it was, really!

The top middle picture is the area I liked the most…they had small chandeliers to light up the eating and credit card areas. When S and I were there, there weren’t a lot of people yet. It was a pretty small bazaar though, just a few stalls. But since they’re designer, they’re higher ticket items.

It was a great Sunday! Here’s looking forward to the week ahead! Have a good one!