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Thanks to my Sisters!

I got one of these for Christmas!

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Things you can do with a mac

Okay, so tonight, I was fiddling with Daisy and found out about Comic Life.

So I used the pictures we took from Picture Booth (another super fun app that the boys like playing with) and made them into comics!

Please indulge me as I share these with you…

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Lookee here—my friend D, who makes soaps by hand, is making LATCH one of her beneficiaries!!

I bought a couple of bars from her—Mint Fantasia and Cinnamon Spice—a few months back. I use the mint bar for showers while the cinnamon spice to wash my face. Both bars are terrific! I love the scent of the cinnamon bar. Reminds me of those cinnamon rolls my mom used to bake when we were kids. Nice and spicy, it gives my face a nice fresh tingly feel.

And with the hot weather these days, the mint fantasia is a fantastic cooler! It makes my skin feel cool because (I’m guessing) of the mint extracts that she used. Saraaaap!

Mostly, I am looking forward to THIS.

(photo taken from website of BY Nature)

Perfect Tee Shirt Fold

You guys gotta check this out…AMAZING!


[ps…thanks for meeyagirl for the link!]

Sand Art

Amazing what you can do with some dry sand and an overhead projector. Check out this link: