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Beijing (Part 1) Subtitled: Exploring the Land of My Forefathers

I am Filipino by birth and Chinese by heritage. When a Singaporean friend ask me several years back what I would say if someone asked me if I were Chinese or Filipino, what would I say? I automatically said, “Filipino”. She said that she would, in the same vein, say “Singaporean”. (She’s Chinese by heritage as well.)

On the one hand, we, who are “not exactly” Pinoy and “not exactly” Chinese, have been blessed to have both worlds. On the other hand, it is also difficult because I have personally experienced being called “different” by other Pinoys.

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How’s THIS for branding?


Lookee here—my friend D, who makes soaps by hand, is making LATCH one of her beneficiaries!!

I bought a couple of bars from her—Mint Fantasia and Cinnamon Spice—a few months back. I use the mint bar for showers while the cinnamon spice to wash my face. Both bars are terrific! I love the scent of the cinnamon bar. Reminds me of those cinnamon rolls my mom used to bake when we were kids. Nice and spicy, it gives my face a nice fresh tingly feel.

And with the hot weather these days, the mint fantasia is a fantastic cooler! It makes my skin feel cool because (I’m guessing) of the mint extracts that she used. Saraaaap!

Mostly, I am looking forward to THIS.

(photo taken from website of BY Nature)

New RJellybean Sling Designs!!

Yay! Our RJellybean Slings have a new collection out! Check out our Candy Store collection with the yummy colors of our baby slings!

My 10 minutes of fame

To tell you frankly, I don’t even know if the ten minutes were mine or P’s or both P and K’s. But here are some snapshots from my interview with Pia Hontiveros on Shop Talk.

Here’s P, hamming it up for the camera. (Thanks to Marta and Thops who have taken the initiative to take pictures with our camera!!!)

And here I am trying to restrain P…see my hand on his knees? Hahahahaha!

And here is K turning on the charm for Pia!

And here’s a group picture of all of us. P decided it was best to stand, since he was a guy. (Don’t ask me where he gets his strange ideas. Maybe his dad? HAHAHAHA!)

Angel Aquino was the other guest of Pia and she was super super nice! (And pretty pa! Hey, MikeB, eat your heart out, I was like thisclose to Angel!!)

Thanks to Joy Rojas who referred me to Thops, Shop Talk’s staff.

Guess who’s in MWM??

Got featured in the May 2007 issue of Metro Working Mom!! Yahoo!!

Young Entrepreneur!

Today was the first day of P’s summer activities. He is enrolled in Young Explorers in the morning, where they go on field trips and in Young Entrepreneurs in the afternoon, where they—well, hopefully learn how to make money.

When K and I went to fetch him, we saw that there was a little lemonade stand and P and his classmates were selling drinks!

This is the sign he made

Tomorrow, they’re discussing how much they made. =)