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Beijing Part 2: Inside the Forbidden City

After walking what felt like hours in this place, I know now why it’s called the Forbidden City. It was so huge, it forbids people to from wanting to walk to see the emperor. LOL!

I actually forgot to put sunscreen on the neck so I had a huge ring around my chest, where my shirt’s collar was. Hahaha!

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10th year symbol is aluminum

Everyone knows HK is both a food and a shopping haven.  So everytime we go (sounds like a lot, but it’s not, really), S makes a list of “must buy” items.  (Yes, between the both of us, he’s the shopper.  Mana sa nanay.)

This trip, his (practically) only “must buy” item was a laptop.  And after the first day, it was a toss up between a Sony Vaio and a MacBook (the newer one, of course, the one that’s made of aluminum).

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Couch Potato to…


Yup, I did my 3rd day of week 1 yesterday.

Three or so months of non-exercise has taken a toll on my body. I’ve been sluggish, so unenergized and so
lazy to do things lately. And my requirements to begin running have been fulfilled–

  • the podcast that I have been looking for
  • and a neck strap for my phone which will serve as my mp3 player (i swear, 168 has everything!!)

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Sawa ka na ba?

Got this from my inbox yesterday. A lot of us are tired, and wanting a change for the better…but we’re not the activist types. So this might interest you—

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Of Fellowships (Prep)

pahiyas3.jpgThis year’s fellowship was different. Because we were told that the school would like to focus on values, we had to think of a theme in order to make use of this.

And because I thought the theme had to be Pinoy, S thought it would be good to have a fiesta for the theme.

As the theme of this year’s fellowship is meant to reflect values, we decided that the day will revolve around the community spirit shown in rural Philippine towns; as exemplified in the yearly town fiesta, where people who haven’t been home in years make an effort to come home to be with friends and loved ones, and hospitality, graciousness and generosity are watchwords.

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Of Fellowships (Nursery)

So this is what we did for nursery with the following goals in mind:

  • to get everyone to join in all the events at all times
  • to finish in 2 hours or less (remember, this is held on weekends, when parents can actually get time off)
  • to get the parents work hand-in-hand
  • to keep within the budget
  • to make sure everyone had fun

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Of Fellowships

P started big school last year. And for the first three levels (nursery, prep and grade 1), there is what you call a fellowship where all the parents and children get together and try (at some level—because it tends to get crazy with the number of people) and get to know one another.

It’s a chance for other parents to get to know their co-parents, for them to get to know the friends of their kids, for them to meet the kids’ teachers in an informal setting and for their kids to get to know the parents of their classmates.

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