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  1. I have a wonderful husband and two adorable little boys.
  2. I enjoy being a SAHM. I have two little boys (one is 6 and the other is 2 and a half) and one big boy (who’s like 36 this year).
  3. I studied in ICA Greenhills for elementary and highschool, UP Diliman for undergrad and graduate studies.
  4. I graduated cum laude from undergrad (BS Business Economics), but didn’t when I finished my MBA.
  5. I got married in 1999.
  6. I had my first baby in 2001.
  7. I delivered both our sons via the natural method. (P, after 2.5 hours of active labor, and K, after 15 minutes of entering the delivery room!
  8. I love the garlic chili at Le Ching and Wanton. I can eat the entire pot.
  9. I don’t regularly watch television but if I do, watch Filipino showbiz talk shows. (“Abangan, on THE BUZZ!”)
  10. I love Bikram yoga! (when I have the time)
  11. I write for Mom Exchange!
  12. I’m a breastfeeding, attachment parenting, babywearing advocate.
  13. Other shows I do like are like nip/tuck, Sex and the City and Friends.
  14. I am happy just walking through and looking at stuff in infant/baby departments in stores.
  15. My favorite stores are: Books for Less, Booksale, National Bookstore, Fully Booked and Power Books.
  16. I love new office supplies as opposed to clothes (hahahahahahaha!)
  17. My foot size has remained the same despite my two pregnancies.
  18. I like receiving snail mail but am too lazy to write my own.
  19. I like making personalized cards for Christmas.
  20. Christmas is my favorite time of the year.
  21. I still think, until now, that Christmastime is always magical.
  22. My eyebrows are tatooed, so are my lids.
  23. I loved Richie Rich comic books when I was a kid.
  24. My all time favorite song of Duran Duran is Save a Prayer.
  25. I hate the Simpsons.
  26. I love watching Unwrapped, Oprah and Good Eats.
  27. I don’t like roller coasters.
  28. I wish I could cook like mom. One day, when S gives me a nice kitchen, I will.
  29. I don’t know how to sip…I gulp.
  30. I drink around 2-3 liters of water a day.
  31. I always tell S how lucky he is that I’m generally low maintenance. I buy cheap bags (as opposed to designer) and wear flip flops!
  32. I love driving S’s car, especially on Sundays. Makes me feel guapo!
  33. I think that Marc Nelson’s abs are perfect.
  34. My favorite muppet is Cookie Monster.
  35. I’d study all my life if I could afford it. First course I’d do is Psych (leading into Early Childhood Development) in AdMU.
  36. I love trying out new cuisines.
  37. I love babywearing! And I hope that one day this becomes a regular practice by parents.
  38. I’d like to try rock climbing someday.
  39. I love being a mom!
  40. There are days that I don’t…and that I just want to be a single adult.
  41. Since S got on the South Beach diet, we haven’t had a date in an Italian restaurant.
  42. I thought I would not have enough love for my second child. No wonder K’s so adorable!/li>
  43. I don’t know how to teach K like I did P before.
  44. I love garlic. Anything with lots of garlic is yummy!
  45. I love watching and reading Mafia stories.
  46. I’m trying to be a teensy bit more adventurous with clothing.
  47. I like Pucci‘s prints.
  48. I loved calculus in undergrad!
  49. I think that the host (at Mass) is like PacMan‘s (think PacMan of the 80s) power pellets, and one each week is strong enough to last till the succeeding week.
  50. I love Oreos!
  51. I love the Green Tea Frap of Starbucks!
  52. I love potato chips — I can finish a big bag in one sitting.
  53. I’d like to shift to a plant-based diet sometime in the future.
  54. After I read the book “Six Young Filipino Martyrs”, I entertained the thought of running for public office. Anson said I wouldn’t be able to stomach politics. I abandoned the thought after two days.
  55. I want to one day put up day care centers per barangay that are well-maintained. The aim of these day care centers are to educate the children from a few months old to around 5 years. Better that they’re in the center rather than watching stupid noontime shows.
  56. I do email at really wee hours in the morning, when I can have the computer all to myself uninterrupted…or, at the office, which, essentially, is alone time.
  57. If I had my way, P (and even K) would not have had big birthday parties. I would have preferred to have celebrated quietly in Highlands. (This is with S’s okay.)
  58. I love street food!
  59. I used to eat small squares of butter when I was a kid. <ewwww!>
  60. I love books!
  61. When I go to the grocery, I just get what’s on my list. (Well, unless I pass through a lane and I see something the boys like…)
  62. I believe that television is a waste of time. (But I still “waste” my time sometimes…)
  63. I fought with S when we were on the Eiffel Tower because he was too prude. I left him there and went back to the hotel by myself.
  64. Our toilet seat in the house is up most of the time because the boys outnumber me 3:1.
  65. I like reading the society pages…this is the first thing I read!
  66. I love it when it rains and I’m under the blankets and the aircon is cold.
  67. I have never played in the rain. One day, I will, with my kids!
  68. I really can’t stand Barney.
  69. I like Dr Seuss books except Cat in a Hat.
  70. I actually like writing (which is why I blog). I used to keep diaries (kaya pala my mom knew all my secrets!) and my BFF who’s in Canada now used to write long letters to each other!
  71. I actually like makeup! More like mineral makeup. And the reason my makeup kit is bursting at the seams is because I’m making up for lost time.
  72. I prefer shopping on the internet and the things I’ve bought online are makeup and makeup brushes, bags, books.
  73. I palpitate when I get a haircut by someone I don’t know, even if I’m paying big time. Which is why, if I can afford big time, I’d rather go to someone reliable—Louis Kee of Razzle Dazzle Salon.
  74. I use homeopathic remedies on myself and my children (and S, if he’s willing).
  75. I love love love spicy food.
  76. My preferred drink is cold water. =)
  77. I have only recently learned to like SML. Gotta be really cooooold!
  78. After showers, I don’t thoroughly wipe my back. I prefer that the wetness dries up as it’s cooler that way.
  79. I collect Absolut ads.
  80. I like house music. Really.
  81. I generally think that television is a waste of time.
  82. Pretty makeup brushes make me giddy.
  83. I want to buy a pair of red shoes.
  84. I read CVS‘ blog everyday.
  85. I don’t like creepy crawlies.
  86. I’m addicted to Facebook.
  87. I could finish a can of Spam in a sitting when I was around ten!
  88. Spending philosophy—if I can’t sleep for more than a week thinking about something, it means I have to buy it.
  89. I think about having other children—only for selfish reasons.
  90. I think my kids are the cutest things! (After my husband, of course)
  91. I absolutely adore my husband. He’s one of the most objective persons I know. (Which is why he can’t run for public office—we’ll never be able to make ends meet!)
  92. I love books—if only I could have a library at home. My shelf is bursting at the seams!
  93. I change my theme so often because I can’t find one that I truly truly like!

4 responses to “about me

  • Prettiest Sister

    How about this – you have the complete set of Nancy Drew hardbound books, bought by grandpappy at only P14@!!!

    And another one – In gradeschool (or highschool?), your teacher tried stealing your radio!

  • D

    your what batch in ica?

  • Jeff Dacumos

    Hi Mrs. Jen’

    I’m Jeff Dacumos, glad to came across in your site.
    I’ve been searching through the net about homeschooling program and I would like to ask if you know any which is for free?

    I have a 9 yr.old son, and still looking for a homeschooling program, My wife and I are quite in a rush now coz’ the start of the class is near.

    Just to give you idea, my son didn’t really excel on his 3rd grade, thats why we came up with a decision to homeschool him. He likes to play more when he is around with his classmates, the reason he can’t focus in his studies. My wife Reya and I doesn’t really tried homeschooling before, that’s why we dont have idea about it.

    We inquired at Westfield International Schools here in Angeles City, Pampanga which they also offer homeschooling, their fee for it is around 15k. We really want to, but we don’t have that much budget, considering we also have two girls studying, Grade 6 and 2. That’s why i’m really looking for a free homeschooling (if theres any, and i hope so). I’m really hoping you could help us.

    By the way, Just for you to know me better, I’m a Pastor/ Campus missionary from Victory Christian Fellowship- Angeles.
    Hope you could help us.

    Thank you so much.

    God bless you.

  • witsandnuts

    Thanks for commenting on my site. Through that I’m able to know your site. It’s interesting to read through this page. I hate roller coasters, too. We share the same spending philosophy, likes green tea frap also, etc. Take care!

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