Saving up for that baby!

When I was around 3-4 months pregnant with P, I recall asking my OB, Annette Poblete (love her!), how much we should prepare for the delivery. S and I wanted to make sure that we had enough. (Not that we had a choice, I was already pregnant. HAHAHA!)

Today, hospitals in Metro Manila have packages as not to “surprise” new parents when the bill arrives. I know that The Medical City has packages for sure. I think that others like SLMC, Cardinal Santos and Asian Hospital do as well.

And what’s great is, that even government hospitals help women save up as well! This article in PDI tells us about the “Buntis Baby Bank” where poor women can drop in a few coins or bills everytime they visit their doctor. Then when the time of delivery comes, the money will be used to pay expenses. The article also says that if there is extra, it can be used for ligation or for the baby’s expenses.

I think that this is a really great idea, as it helps maternal mortality rates, and this this is one of DOH‘s targets in their health programs. Hopefully other provinces and health units pick this up to help pregnant moms they serve.


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