So yeah, I’m not really keeping up with one (or several!) of my 2010 goals. That’s not a good start, is it? But tonight, I’m nearly as free as a bird! The hubby is going out to play cards with the boys, and our two boys are sleeping with the in-laws’ (upstairs).

What am I thinking of doing? I can’t decide! I can aimlessly surf the internet (waste of time, but will make me happy), sort out our new fabric (sorta like work but will still make me happy), call drugstores to fill in the competitive matrix I am working on (nah, that’s work), prepare P’s quizzes and learn K’s Chinese poems like 大评果 and 消防员叔叔 (I’m just typing in Chinese to impress), or watch “I Love Beth Cooper“.

But no, I’ve decided to blog. So that I can keep up with my 2010 Goals.

I was at our kids’ school a huge chunk of today for the PTC. #2’s was in the morning and his 老师 (laoshi) said he was talking too much. Hmmm…guess he’s really comfortable at school now. #1 on the other hand, seems like he’s more assertive now (thank God!). I hope he can defend himself when he gets teased (which he claims he is).

In between both PTCs (#2’s was in the am and #1’s was in the PM), I went to a meeting with a highschool batchmate to talk to the head of Members of our alumni association. My goodness, I can’t believe it’s been 20 years! While I am still in shock that it’s been that long, I’m excited to see old friends.

I’m rambling. Besides, it’s not interesting to read about me.

Oh, one last thing. I think Marlene Aguilar is CUCKOO!


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