During this entire Ondoy and Pepeng experiences, there was one prominent word that I felt — guilt. However, it was something I couldn’t (and still can’t!) process.

I felt guilty that the people in so many places lost their homes. I felt guilty I couldn’t give more (there’s a point when you just have to give and it hurts — been there several times). I felt guilty I was thinking of business while people are sardined in evacuation centers. I felt guilty that I couldn’t join my friends in our breastfeeding missions. I felt guilty that I was still living my life normally (save for our basement, lol!) while so many people stopped their lives (for weeks!) to help out.

When I was talking to a friend, she voiced out her guilt feelings to me as well. I have terms for them…
  • “eldest child” guilt feelings – because I am (and my friend as well is) one, I feel that we, as eldest children, were given greater responsibility by our parents for all things.
  • “Catholic school” guilt feelings – well, those who have been to an exclusive girls’ school will understand. LOL!

But at what point do we stop just feeling guilty and begin doing something about it? Guilt can either plummet one into depression or allow one to act on something.

So while it is good to fill a bit of guilt (to nudge us to do something), it’s also good to maintain what our daily routines are.
So can you blame me for being excited to exfoliate again tomorrow with THIS?
Have a safe week, everyone!


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