Beijing Part 2: Inside the Forbidden City

After walking what felt like hours in this place, I know now why it’s called the Forbidden City. It was so huge, it forbids people to from wanting to walk to see the emperor. LOL!

I actually forgot to put sunscreen on the neck so I had a huge ring around my chest, where my shirt’s collar was. Hahaha!

Here’s one of the less populated gates. I think behind it is the garden.

It looks really bright because they’ve repainted the gates.

We wanted a spot without much people, the people in our group wondered where we were. But we got a nice picture here:

Here’s one of the emperor’s many thrones, I’m glad S was able to take a photo of it. There were just too many people (both local and international tourists) that I didn’t want to make “siksik” anymore.

And another, which I recall seeing when I finally watched “The Last Emperor“.

I swear, there were so many rooms there (to think we didn’t even see rooms other than the emperor’s), I can’t remember where this was…living quarters or what.

I like how I took this picture:

The last stop was at the garden, but I realize that we didn’t take nice pictures, so I’m leaving you with this one of the gazebo (my interpretation of what it is).


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