Beijing (Part 1) Subtitled: Exploring the Land of My Forefathers

I am Filipino by birth and Chinese by heritage. When a Singaporean friend ask me several years back what I would say if someone asked me if I were Chinese or Filipino, what would I say? I automatically said, “Filipino”. She said that she would, in the same vein, say “Singaporean”. (She’s Chinese by heritage as well.)

On the one hand, we, who are “not exactly” Pinoy and “not exactly” Chinese, have been blessed to have both worlds. On the other hand, it is also difficult because I have personally experienced being called “different” by other Pinoys.

Just recently, I had a chance to visit China, the land of my ancestors. It wasn’t exactly like we were in their province (am assuming that we came from Fujian province, as the dialect that’s spoken by my folks and their folks was that one). But we went to Beijing.

We did a lot of touristy stuff (obviously as we *were* on tour). Here are some pictures:

The map of Tian’anmen Square (天安们). (I’m putting the Chinese names to impress you. Hahahahahahaha!)

Here is the entrance to the Forbidden City.

That place was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!! There was a moat around it and we had to walk what felt like MILES to get to the inner part where the emperor’s living quarters were. Apparently, he had a place where he used to do business, and also a place where he used to read the morning papers (to prepare for his business meetings), and a place where he actually lived, he and his wives.

Here are some pictures entering the main gate.

Here’s a tourist trap, oh I mean, a souvenir shop inside the city.

Here is a traditional baby carrier, and a baby that looks like a Cabbage Patch doll!

I like this framed shot S took…

(to be continued)



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One response to “Beijing (Part 1) Subtitled: Exploring the Land of My Forefathers

  • Cynch

    Hi Jen!

    Beijing and the Forbidden City is so memorable to me. Not because special things happened to me there but because I’ve been there several times and it got stuck to my memory, therefore – memorable. Hahahaha! I’m amazed to find out how the emperors led their lives inside the Forbidden City, how only the emperor can walk the middle path and the roomssss for the women in their lives.

    Continue your story… I’d love to reminisce with your blog…


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