Thanks to one of our Ninangs at our wedding, I cooked Hainanese Chicken.

And since I put it on Facebook, a lot of people have asked for the recipe. That’s actually a first, really, because, as a lot of those people know, I.don’t.cook. Yep, that’s because my mom is a great cook…didn’t feel the need to learn anymore. (Until our cook left. Long story.)

Anyways, going back to the recipe–let me just say that it was easy peasy. Honest. (Wonder if it’s those “survival” instincts kicking in, considering again, I.don’t.cook…

So gals, here it is:

rub salt in and out the chicken

put the following in a pot:
10 cups water
6 slices ginger
6 cloves smashed garlic

bring to a boil. when boiling, put in chicken, breast side down. lower flame to simmer. After 20 minutes, turn off flame and DO NOT OPEN the cover for 2 hours to allow the chicken to continue cooking.

After 2 hours, take the chicken out and plunge in icy water to stop cooking.

To make the rice (you have to do this after the two hours):

In a pot, saute minced garlic and ginger in some oil, and when browned, put in 2 cups of rice. Stir then put in 4 cups of chicken broth.

To make the ginger sauce:

chop very finely (or grate) ginger
chop onion leeks
put salt
put in oil

That’s it! Have fun everyone!


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4 responses to “Winner!

  • Beautiful Mom

    Wow! I am proud of you! I did make hainanese chicken before but I seldom do it, because I have my mom (your guama) to do it for me.

    Keep it up!

  • kris

    hi! thanks so much for posting this recipe. i’m not much of a cook either, but this looks like it’s easy enough to do. just a question tho – the chicken broth you refer here is the mixture the chicken was cooked in? (told ya, i’m not a cook at all. haha)

  • jencc

    hi kris! a cousin mentioned that. i should have been clear nga (because i would have asked the same question had i not done this before!LOL!). yes, the broth the chicken was cooked in. =)

  • Jenny

    ma-try nga!! thanks for sharing 😀

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