10th year symbol is aluminum

Everyone knows HK is both a food and a shopping haven.  So everytime we go (sounds like a lot, but it’s not, really), S makes a list of “must buy” items.  (Yes, between the both of us, he’s the shopper.  Mana sa nanay.)

This trip, his (practically) only “must buy” item was a laptop.  And after the first day, it was a toss up between a Sony Vaio and a MacBook (the newer one, of course, the one that’s made of aluminum).

Day one came to pass, and he was still confused about which one to buy.  Both were within his budget (well, okay, so they were a *little* over), sleek, light enough (the MacBook Air still wins, but he didn’t get that), and met most of his criteria (there were geek things like how fast, the chips, whatever…)

By day two, he had an excel file listing each one’s pros and cons.  He went to bed so late trying to decide which to get.  Saturday morning (day three already!  And we are only staying till day four)), he left early, and said he was going to check out both already.  But he came back with a bunch of so beautiful roses, and greeted me “happy anniversary, you didn’t think I’d not get you flowers, would you?”…he just bought flowers, and STILL couldn’t decide which machine to get.

Come our renewal rights.  So Fr Ari starts with, “do you guys know what the symbol for the 10th year is”?  S and I look at each other and wondered what the symbol is.  We said we didn’t know, and didn’t even bother checking.

Fr Ari said, “The symbol of the 10th year of marriage is tin or aluminum”.

S and I looked at each other and said, “it’s a SIGN!” and started laughing.  Laughing so hard we couldn’t stop!  ALUMINUM!  Of course, by this time, Ari looks at us like we were crazy.  So in the midst of the laughter, we manage to blurt out that the reason why we were laughing…it was because the MacBook is made of aluminum, thus S finally knew what laptop to get!


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