It’s a Start…

A few days ago, P had a quiz in Chinese.  When the quiz was returned and I checked it, he had an additional mistake, which would take his score to 7.5/10 (and this means “just passed”).

So, without mentioning the 7.5, I told him that he made an additional mistake in one number that his lao shi missed.  (She checked it correct rather than marked it wrong.)

P:  Oh.

Me:  I think you should tell your lao shi she missed this one.  (Pointing to the mistake.)

P:  But I would have a minus one more, mom!

Me:  Well, yes, your score would be 7.5 instead of 8.5.

P:  (sullen)

Me:  But you’ll be telling lao shi the truth.  I’m sure she’ll be happy as I will.

Next day, in the midst of play, he casually says “Mom, I told lao shi about the mistake.”  I felt my heart swell.  I said, “So, what did she say?”  

He says, “Oh, she made me erase the wrong word and write the correct one.”  I say, “So she didn’t minus your grade anymore?”  

P:  No.

Me:  I’ll bet you’re happy.  I’m so proud of you, P, for telling lao shi the truth


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