We Had a Scare

Part of the requirements to big school for K is a visual and auditory test.  When we took P 3 years ago, there was no problem at all.  For K, I waited till the very last minute to submit the requirements, thus that hearing and auditory test was done last minute too.

P and I took K to the clinic recommended by the school.  To my shock and dismay, the tester said that K’s left ear had “mild hearing loss”.  Determined not to look too shocked, I calmly called S and informed him and began calling friends who would have advise for me.

A friend of mine from highschool has twins who has mild hearing loss.  She would know all about ears, I was pretty sure, so she was the one I called.  She recommended me to two doctors, but suggested I go to one first because this doctor, Dr Charlotte Chiong (wonderful lady, but I swear, waiting in her clinic takes an eternity!), has instruments to clean ears.

She also said something—that maybe Kevin had difficulty hearing only because he had lots of wax.  (Again which is why she recommended me to Dr Chiong.)

S took K the first time as I was sick, and I took him a week after.  He was such a brave boy, S said.  He went up to the chair, where she saw him.  And she had this camera which showed him what was inside his ear.  And he knew it was really icky such that he was still while she was cleaning his ear, but towards the end, when she used a blower (according to S), that was when he had it and started yelling (and crying), “I don’t like na!”

I took him for a check up the following week.  Here are the pictures:

Here is Dr Chiong and she is holding that blaster to remove the tiny bit of wax left.  We saw the inside of his ear again.  She said it looked a lot better than the first time!

Follow up–we took him to a hearing test a week after and the results were good.  Man, I didn’t realize earwax buildup could be so bad!!!


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7 responses to “We Had a Scare

  • jenaspacio

    Hi Jen! Thanks for the visit! It was quite a pleasant surprise. I was ok with $100, getting that extra $100 was a total blessing. 🙂

    I am so thankful I hit you back with a visit and this entry of yours just got me all ears. 😀

    My little guy’s weakness seem to be his ears. He once had an externa media of sorts, until it was resolved. I regularly clean his ears not with buds (it pushes the wax farther inside). I have this ear pick with LED light powered by battery, but I noticed that his ear hole is really smaller than that of the average kid, it is hard to see through (given the instrument that I already have) and maybe that is also one reason why the wax does not come off by itself. (self cleans). I could really make use of Dr. Chiong’s expertise. It really is always a challenge to clean my little guy’s ear. I don’t want to wait until this poses a big problem later.

    I would really appreciate Dr. Chiong’s contact number and clinic details. Thank you so much! God bless you and your family! 😀

  • ella

    having your ears cleaned is heaven, i had an earache before, caused also by build up of wax, went to an ear doctor in makati med and it was the best experience ever, i was so happy (ian too, had a cold, had his sinus and ears sucked) that ian and i held hands towards the car park lol

  • nicemorning

    Thanks for this post jen. Nahihirapan din kasi ako maglinis ng tenga ng 2 year old son ko. BUt ihave to persevere. Kesa naman magkaroon ng ear wax buildup.


  • jencc

    hi Jen, contact of Dr Chiong in Capitol Med is 373-8282. Secretary is Weng.

    hi Ella, holding hands ha….hahahahahahahahaha! Baka S and I should try that din, magpalinis ng tenga together. Swit!

    hi Nice, actually, I was told not to clean the inner part, just the outer. Better to go to a professional for that.

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  • Joy

    Jen, exactly what happened to my daughter. There’s an over the counter called Murine Earigate solution for this. I went to the doctor though to have it cleaned. Grabe ano, I felt bad when I saw what was clogging my daughter’s ears din. Sometimes we really have to learn things the “exciting” (really means – stressful) way!

  • mm

    hi just wanna ask how long it takes to clean the ear? my daughter’s pedia kept saying my daughter ear is also dirty and sometimes its itchy daw kse i want to go to EENT na nga, how much is it? dapat reguar cleaning na ba yan?

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