Of Ice Cream

Last night, S felt like he wanted ice cream.  Old fashioned ice cream.

We had recently visited

after our day with the boys at the National Museum.  The menu was jazzed up and they served…croquettes, ice cream cake, and well, jazzed up ice cream.  And the place looked modern.

But well, since we heard that the people who were running the original Magnolia Ice Cream house had just moved across the street from the Creamery, we decided to check them out, and last night was the night!

So, with S, K, Beautiful Mom, we trooped to Aurora Blvd, and I tell you, we weren’t disappointed (except for one thing–later on that).

Called Parfaits and Splits, it was right smack across the Creamery.  There was a small place for children to play, had an ice cream counter and the ice cream menu was practically what you guys would remember.  Anyone remember the ice cream called Ernie and Bert?  (But we didn’t order that…)

Here’s what Beautiful Mom ordered, a strawberry cobbler

S ordered a strawberry parfait

K’s was a clown waffle with a scoop of vanilla instead of strawberry

And I had a vanilla shake.  I was sad though because they didn’t have wax straws.  (Remember those???)

This was the menu–

It was pretty good.  Brought back memories of old.  Even how Magnolia’s formula never changed–like how the consistency has always been “runny” and not that dense, and how it didn’t seem cold enough.  But it was comforting and nice.

We’ll surely go back pretty soon.


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9 responses to “Of Ice Cream

  • Aiza

    Wow! Nakakainggit. Maybe if we’re in the area (and we have extra money) we’ll drop by there. The fambam loves ice cream….well not much si Elise, kami lang mag-asawa ahaha.

    Oh, I have a tag for you! http://aizadgreat.com/2008/09/18/our-kids-names/

  • Beautiful Mom

    It’s really good, do invite me again when you go!!!

  • Beautiful Mom

    I really enjoyed it. Do invite me again when you go and I am sure dad will love it too!

  • Most Beautiful Sister

    Why was I not invited????

  • arpee lazaro

    this place brings back so many memories. this is one reason why i loved going to mass on sundays. because they’ll take me to the magnolia house after, hehehe. my only regret is that they changed it from magnolia house to nestle cremery. the original magnolia house is right across the street, where the original ernie and bert, peach melba and merry-go-round can still be enjoyed. you have a very nice website!

  • Joey

    I haven’t been to the Old Magnolia Ice Cream house in years because they just weren’t the one I remembered from childhood, when Nestle obtained it. I should visit the one across the street! Thanks for heads up!

  • steve

    Cute ni K. No wonder he’s my favorite pamangkin. Harhar. Old school place!

  • Monica

    Jen…just last week we went naman sa Nestle across the st! Santi loved playing in their kiddie station with balls and a slide. I had a yummy serving of their version of ferrero rocher ice cream. next time we’ll try magnolia naman 😉

  • magnolia

    I was actually named after “Magnolia Ice Cream House” fronting Manila Cathedral.. My dad served as the supervisor long before I was even born until it ceased to operate.. But here’s the good news!! Sooner or later, it’ll again be just around the corner.. I can hardly wait.. Never would I miss the chance to see it come to full fruition. Surely, it will bring back a lot of good old memories.. Already craving for my favorite self-made Ernie and Bert and of course, the oh so yummy Chicken Benedict!! I enjoyed those when I was a kid, now, I’ll make sure my kids would love those too!!

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