Happy Things When I’m Sick

I’m been sick since last night.  And I hate feeling sick only because I hardly am.

My joints hurt (eto pala yung feeling!), my head hurts, my throat hurts!

But despite all that, these are the highlights of my “I feel like sh*t sick” day…

  • P offering to get me water, and made me a cheese sandwich to go with it.  (Dry lang nga kaya half lang nakain ko!)
  • K kissing my forehead.
  • P massaging my back so I don’t need to get a masseuse anymore.
  • K saying, “Mommy, follow me…’I, J** T**, says, K loves you’ ”  (P’s been making him swear recently because he messes up P’s things.)
  • P offering to punas me if I can’t take a bath.
  • K bringing in a banana for me so I can eat it (because a banana always makes him feel well–daw.)

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7 responses to “Happy Things When I’m Sick

  • aashi

    How can one be happy during illness…

  • imom

    Aw, your kids are the sweetest. They do make sh*tty days better. 🙂
    I hope you’re well soon. Take care!

  • Beautiful Mom

    Wow! The two boys are sweet and great! I have been sick since Sept. 1, the only person who asks is my mother, nobody else…………..

    Wonderful boys!!!!!!!!!

  • jencc

    Ay, Mommy, sorry….are you okay na? 😉

  • batguano101

    Here is an old dad trick for sick children:

    Apply a ritual when the child in sick.

    Go get a copy of Field and Stream magazine, Apple Juice, and Chicken Soup.

    Bring all into the child’s room and fix the bedding comfortable.

    In short order, any time the child is ill they know the routine, and are instantly comforted by it, removing the focus from feeling bad, to being comforted by the ritual.

    True, this does little for the illness directly but maintains hydration and the child knows you love and care for him or her, and are acting for them.

  • gem

    awws…kids are the best caregivers with their generous kissess and hugs. my daughter is the same. she just hates it when i’m not feeling well and she’ll go out of her way to make me feel better. hope you get well soon.

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