Widget Smidget

I love love love mac’s widgets!!!  Here are what I have so far on my dashboard:

There are just so many cool cool widgets!  The forex converter is one of them.  Just put in an amount in the currency you want to convert from, you can find the corresponding conversion rates for different currencies you might need!  You get to choose which currencies you’d like therein as well.

Also, on the left side, you can see my Chinese word for the day.  I get to practice my pinyin as well!  If anyone’s interested to know, that there is the word for ATM.

Oh, and that “can convert nearly everything” converter is so handy!  Can convert length, volume, weight, currency, pressure, speed, temperature, etc!

But my all time favorite one is photo drop.  (I honestly can’t claim “all time favorite” because I just recently got it.  But check out the things it can do–it’s like Adobe Photoshop in teeny tiny form!

This is called VTR

This is called Rounded Corners

This is Shadow (subtle!)

Pushpin here

This is Reflection

This is 1Bit (I’ve no idea why)

and lastly, Tape

I love my mac!!!!


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