James is big.  As in basketball player big.

His background is in physical therapy.  And he did a two-year course with a reflexology school in Manila–the name of which suddenly escapes me.  He says that the founder of the school was one of the pioneers in the country.

James does chiropractic massage, and is familiar with all the other usual massages like swedish, shiatsu, etc.

James is the masseuse of S. He’s known him for quite a while, and James has been to the house often enough that the boys are really comfortable with him.

One time, S asked me if I wanted James to massage me.  I hesitated.  I usually get black and blue marks after girls massage me, what more James???  But S insisted.  He said that with James’ background, he’d know which points to put pressure on and which not to.

And you know, that massage of James was the BEST so far I’ve ever had.  (may kasamang kwento pa!  Now I know a lot of the “hidden treasures” of the Philippines are…here we come!)  So now, if I want a massage, only James’ hands can touch my body.  Aside from S’s, of course!  😉


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