Patience is a virtue…

…that everyone should learn.

Since I had skipped a day of my couch potato to mean running machine, I knew I just had to get up this morning.

P is sick and stayed home from school so I figured running a bit later (6AM) than usual (5AM) would be better.

And I did. And it was good.

During my run, I get strange thoughts (like when I shower). But today’s thought wasn’t too strange. I thought about patience. And how this routine I’m doing actually teaches me patience. When I decided I wanted to run again, I knew I would like to do a marathon (at some point or another).
I had a major (to me!) light bulb moment:

“hey, it’s true what they say about instant gratification”

You know how experts in their field say that the difficulty with children (or a lot of adults for that matter) is that they want instant gratification. This, borne by the age of technology.

“Everything is at your fingers”, they say. And I did agree with it.

I’ve been on week 2 for already 2 weeks (see it is a 9 week program, but then you can do a week, say week 1, twice, at your own pace, while you feel your way around the program). I guess I didn’t run last Wednesday (well, mostly because it was raining) because I knew I couldn’t graduate to week 3 yet. I didn’t feel I was ready. And I was sad.

That’s where the patience lesson kicks in.

I should patiently practice and run until my body adjusts to the pace, then up the notch. No practice, no upping that notch. ;p

This major light bulb moment then translates to my life–i should certainly teach the boys about patience. Because if they learn to wait for their turn, wait to get that second marshmallow, it’ll be to their advantage.

How can I do that? Maybe plant something together and wait for it to grow?


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