Happy Day

sunny day
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Today was a happy day for me!

My alarm rang at 5 but I put it off till six, and the morning run was wonderful!!

It was cool but not too cold (not like at 5am!), and the sun was shining a bit (on its way up) but not so hot yet.  It was perfect.  I walked and jogged for around 30 minutes, got home, had a cup of coffee and read a bit of the papers (kainis, Ricky Lo said in his column, “…Asking for privacy while recuperating, Jen is strong enough to breastfeed the baby. She will do so until she runs out of milk”.  If he only knew about the theory of demand and supply in breastfeeding, he wouldn’t say such careless statements which would make the madlang masa who read his column that bfg moms will eventually run out of milk!!!  Grrrr…..), hung out with the boys, showered, then went to the AWCP bazaar with my family (mom, sis, cousin, aunt, lola).

It was fun, saw old friends, bought yummy food from Kashmir, got cookies from Russian Tea Cookie House or something that sounds like that.

Had lunch at Blue Waves (Kimono Ken—one of those Japanese restaurants catering to Pinoy taste.  Twas okay, we were starving, so that helped a lot!), then dessert at Wack Wack Golf Club.

It was all good, really, because today, it was mostly REST and relaxation.  I felt I hadn’t had that since last week!!!

I’m re-energized and am looking forward to this week.  Hope all of you are too (mom, dad, gi, can, tep—my loyal readers.  hahahahahahahaha!  Oh, and P too.  Yes he comes to read my blog.  So I can’t keep secrets from him.)


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One response to “Happy Day

  • Beautiful Mom

    Good for you! Me too, I had so much fun yesterday. My mare picked me up at 5:30 for dinner (eat again) at Trinoma, home at 11:00, we had so much fun, 9 of us eating and laughing all along, had a little shopping till the shops closed at 10.

    Till the next bazaar.

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