7 over 10

Okay, so sometime into the quarter, S and I receive this note from P’s Chinese teacher that among the listening drills and quizzes he’s taken, he’s gotten a 7/10 and a 7.25/10. I told S about it but quickly filed it in the “it’s not a big deal” file. I mean, what the hey, seven has more checks than Xs, right? And really, since I figure that if he understands and can say the words anyway, then fine, right?

Apparently not. When I received the handbook of the school, I found out that the passing grade is 7.5 or 75%!!! Imagine my panic!

So from the time we received the handbook, S and I made sure he aced all the remaining quizzes and listening drills!! We would compute each time the teacher returned his tests and made sure it would increase his average from 78 to past 80.

Hay! I’m proud to say that he did really well in his quarterly finals…96 out of a 100 in Chinese, and we can actually converse!

Easy conversations lang though…like —


这是笔 or 书。 as the case may be

other Qs & As would be:


他 or 她是我爸爸/妈妈/哥哥/弟弟/姐姐/妹妹/爷爷。

They also learned — 飞机 / 气球 which confused him a lot.

I’m pretty happy. I re-learned some Chinese words, I am learning pinyin, maybe one day, I can actually order food in China!


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