Skin Hour’s Deep Cleansing Oil

I’m a sucker for new *beauty* things, in some strange way. Especially *natural* made stuff. So when Skin Hour launched their line of beauty products, and were going to give away freebies, I quickly sent in my request for some!

I asked for a Mattifying Day Cream and a Firming and Clarifying Toner.

They both came in itsy bitsy sizes, though, enough for a trial.

When I tried the mattifying day cream, I noticed that it suspiciously smelled and felt like Leyende‘s Face Canvas.  I later found out that it was Neva of Leyende who indeed manufactured these products for Skin Hour!  However, these products were the concept of Char (of Skin Hour).

I honestly didn’t notice much difference between the mattifying day cream and face canvass, however, I do understand that Skin Hour‘s day cream has some kind of sunblock (SPF) in it.  And is supposed to be more mattifying than the Face Canvas.

The Firming and Clarifying Toner, meanwhile, seemed really good.  I felt my face clear up during the time I was using it.

But in the end, after I learned that Neva made these, I decided to buy the Deep Cleansing Oil (pictured here).  (I know it’s weird, I buy something didn’t even try!!)  But that’s how much I love Neva’s stuff!!

I tried it the first time, and I loved it!!  Here’s why–

  • it is minty, so your face feels nice and cool after washing (but careful about getting it into your eyes, as it’ll STING!!)
  • it was not as icky-oily as the other deep cleansing oils I’ve tried
  • it truly cleaned my face well!

I think they have sample/mini sizes so you can try out a bit before purchasing a big bottle.


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