Leyende 2

I’ll let you in on a little secret about myself. Something that I told Neva to swear never to share with anyone.

I told her that if there were a car wash for people, I’d probably be their number 1 client. Truth to tell, there *really* are days when I feel that taking a shower is just — well, difficult to do, only because — *sigh* I’m too lazy. *blush* (I’ll bet that my mom’s totally embarrassed I’m admitting this. hahahahahaha!!)

Well, I was at Neva’s boutique yesterday—only because I got these before during her sale and it’s just so addicting that I want more.

Clear and Present Shampoo and Taming the ‘Do conditioner

I’ve been searching high and low for a great clear shampoo and here it finally is. The first time I used it I knew there was no turning back. The shampoo was so great, it stripped my hair clean! After a week or so of using it, I appreciated the gentleness because I noticed that my scalp was no longer flaky. (I notice dry skin at the base of my hairline.)

The conditioner, well, could have been better — which I brought up to Neva yesterday and she did mention that she reformulated the succeeding batches. I’ll have to try those out.

But the great part is the scent. I so love it that I now want to shower three times a day.  LOL!  (I’m not kidding!)  It’s honeysuckle.

I also got this—

It’s called Kiss Kiss Balm Balm.  She has two scents – froyo (which I’m using now — the strawberry pictured above) and another called apple tea scent.  I super love it because it keeps my lips moist and nicely glossy. And again the froyo scent is soooo good.

So anyway, since I had stepped our of the office, I figured that I might as well drop by her place since it was so near.  Now I know that I shouldn’t anymore.  I swear, if I could buy the entire store, I would have.  Hahahahaha!

I got these yesterday—

The shaving oil

which Neva said she generally markets to men.  But I got it anyway because when I saw how it worked, it was really cool.

So I pumped twice into my hand and slathered the oil onto one leg, put a bit of water and began shaving.  It was like there was a film that protected my legs from the shaver.  After shaving, I rinsed off the oil and it was sooooo smooth.  (As in “S will be very happy” smooth.)

Then since I was already in the shower, I used this:

Smoothie Operator in Norte scent.  I swear, that norte scent is love!  I have Clean Slate and Face Canvas which I got a while back and I super duper loved the scent.  (Did I say that I love the scent?  Sorry, ang kulit.)  It’s like you want to eat it from the container because it smells soooo good!

I use this body wash with a loofah and I felt so energized (because of the loofah) and so relaxed (because of the scent) at the same time.

When I got out, I took the chance to use this after drying up—

No Rumple Silk Skin Butter — in guess what scent?  Norte, of course!  (I’m gonna start smelling like coconuts all summer long!)

And it was true to its promise of not being greasy, and moisturizing enough.  This (FINALLY) is my HG all around moisturizing thing slash lotion for my body!!!  I have always wanted to but the icky feeling of stickiness is just blech.

Now, I’ve removed my other shampoos and conditioners, to make way for Leyende.  I’m a convert.  For life.  =)  Thanks, Neva!


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11 responses to “Leyende 2

  • neva

    *sniff* this is so touching. it’s so fulfilling to hear customers taking pleasure in the products. they’re my “babies” kasi! 🙂

    thanks for the kind words, jen! 🙂

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  • slp

    Hi…yun Taming the Do…is it better compare to commercialized one? I have uber dry/damage hair so conditioner is a must for me…thanks

  • neva

    hi slp!

    the reformulated Taming of the Do is now fortified with vitamin D! And we’ve been careful to use sweet almond oil instead of coconut to lessen the “heavy” feel of the product. New users have reported softer and less tangly hair. 🙂

    if you have any more questions, please email info@leyende.com or SMS 0915-671-3154

  • jan

    hi! glad that i stumbled upon your site. Please tell me where i can see your homeopathic pedia. i desperately need one!

  • Cel M. P.

    I thank God for giving Ms. Neva these special ideas and the love of sharing her finds to all of us!
    I just bought her Face Canvas at the Reading Room, Cubao, and I truly love the feel and smell on my skin. Next thing I got to have are the Clean Slate moisturizer and No Rumple Silk Skin Butter.
    And for the shampoo & conditioner… I wonder if this is also good for my color treated hair (the fear of fading too fast)?
    If I may ask… what’s your fave sunblock brand (or a very good one you would recommend) for the face and body? I haven’t been using one especially on my neck, so I now have this V-shaped suntan (from wearing polos and shirts).
    Best regards,

  • jencc

    Hi Cel! Naku, you will terribly addicted!! Hahahahahaha! She’ll have to answer re the shampoo and conditioner, but I’d say that they’re gentle enough to you.

    I currently use Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 55 (they have SPF 40, 55, 70 I think). I like this because it goes on powdery (I really can’t stand the stickiness of most sunblocks).

    But I’m waiting for Neva to come up with one din. 😉 Right Nevs?

  • Cel M. P.

    Hello again jencc,
    Thank you much. None of the stickiness, yey, I got to try that! Is this also great on the beach? We’ll have company outing this middle of May. Yep, Ms Neva please do concoct some great performing sunblocks… and eye creams too, please!… for these haggard looking eyes of mine… with fine lines already showing…

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  • Chell

    But where is the store? I must drop by there soon!!

    Hi sis! just dropped by to say hi 🙂

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