Life Can’t Wait.

On moving up day in Prep so many years ago, I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. Without hesitation, I confidently said I wanted to be a mother. I recall hearing the audience laugh.

Fast forward to 1993–about to graduate from university, I wanted to have a (seemingly) glamorous job, and began working in the field of high finance as a a stockbroker (I was thinking Wall Street, but then, really, the PSE is way far from Wall Street). But because I was a rookie, a lot of the fund managers I was handling, ended up handling me—which made me a glorified order taker. I decided that after two years of working, it was time for me to move on.

I applied for business school at two schools but decided to go to UP Diliman because of two reasons—it was waaaaaay more affordable that the other school, and well, Stan (then boyfriend now husband) was in law school there.

Two years after b-school found me at one of the top telecoms companies in the Philippines–Globe Telecom. I’d have to say that though the work I had with Globe Telecom was one of the most stressful jobs that I’ve had, my stay there was most enjoyable. I loved the company, the dynamics, the fact that I was working on special projects (in fact, one of the projects had only ME on the team!), and later in marketing.

But all things come to an end, so when a better offer to a higher paying (and less stressful) job came by, I quickly grabbed it. And because it was majorly less stressful, I was pregnant after a month (Stan and I were already married nearly a year, and I figured it was time to get pregnant. Emphasis on the “I”, as Stan has always claimed he wasn’t ready then)! However, that didn’t last for long as I had symptoms of preeclampsia, we decided that I should resign. I spent the next few months just waiting for our firstborn to arrive.

I was hands on, I homeschooled, I took him everywhere. Up until I got an offer for a 3 month project over the last quarter of 2002. It was a chance for me to decide whether I’d like to join the rat race again. I accepted the project, and worked till January of 2003. The client offered me a consultancy contract in March of the same year. I figured that it was something I shouldn’t pass up, especially since our eldest was going to start schooling that year.

I stayed with them three more years, with the last year or so, doing part time as I had given birth to our second son. That stint ended in December of 06.

Most of 2007 was focused on the boys and getting the business we had off the ground. I had a great time being SAHM, and just being there for them.

Towards the end of 2007, I was offered a consultancy contract again, and I accepted. The work days were good, and telecommuting was an option. I work half the days at the office and the other half at home–where the kids are, where we have someone to help us with our business.

It seems as though I’ve had everything planned out, but then look at it, I figured that I’d just seize opportunities as they come. Why? Because Life Can’t Wait.


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