Rekindling Old Friendships

When my batch graduated from highschool (I can’t believe it’s been so many years, it feels like yesterday, really!), I hardly saw any of them after.  Unlike the rest of them, my barkada and I weren’t the type to have regular (save for Christmas) get togethers, shopping days, or playdates.

It was probably a matter of schools we chose to go to, and what degrees we wanted to specialize in.  One of the girls went to AdMU,  four went to DLSU, and three (including me) went to UPD.  And the three of us who went to UP had different fields of study so we all went to different buildings within the campus (and we all know how big the school is, physically!).

But recently, a kind soul revived our highschool egroup.  And it was like some wildfire that everyone started emailing each other, reminding one another of the fun times we had in highschool.

The funny thing was, in our senior year, because of the reshuffling in classes and some activities that not everyone was able to participate in (mainly, the DWTL), the barkada lines became blurry.  In the end, it seemed (to me at least), like our batch was one big barkada.  Though I was associated with a group of girls, it didn’t mean I didn’t hang out with the other girls—because I did as well, and so did the rest of the girls in my own barkada.

And now that we’re in touch with one another again, it’s seems great to have reconnected.  And what’s really nice is that it seems nothing has been lost.  It’s like we just hadn’t been in touch for a while, but then the feeling is still there.  We just need time to update each other with what’s been happening.

And we are.  A batchmate has graciously offered to host a get together in their house on Sunday.  I’m surely looking forward to that!


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