My sisters and I regularly keep in touch via email.

One topic that we had very recently, is — What’s the biggest rude awakening you have had in your adult life?

It was a timely question because I had stopped feeling the *magic* of Christmas the past two years (a friend said I was so lucky that it had extended that long!).

The short list of disillusionments included:

  • That the Philippine government is all screwed up.
  • That there are really BAD people in this world.
  • That marriages are not always happy.

It’s often been said that I’ve been sheltered all my life, and the more I grow older, the more I realize that what I perceived before is slowly distorted by *real life*.

(S can’t get over the fact that Yaya was with me the very first semester of enrollment at school. (He so can’t get over it that he thinks she actually came with me the very first day of school—which she DIDN’T!))

It’s actually pretty sad when those rose-colored glasses are lifted and you see how the world really works.


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