Sacred Space

We got this book as a Christmas present from one of the priests from Xavier School.  It sat on our couch slash place-where-we-dump-everything for around a few weeks.  Until I started to clean up the room.

If found it under the pile of other presents we got.

When I opened it, I realized that it is such a great book!  There is a main prayer for the week, that is broken down into six stages, which ends with a reflection for the scripture of the day.

I like it because it allows me to read scriptures, it helps put some structure into my prayers (I tend to ramble, and I wonder if He understands me—I’m sure He does, but I figure some structure might make it easier.  =)  )

They also have site on the internet HERE.  It says that some people think it might be strange to pray in front of a computer, but God is everywhere anyway.

That’s the Jesuits for you.  =)  But really, it does make sense.  It’s great that there are books and sites like these to guide people.  Sometimes, I feel that others don’t pray anymore.  This will surely help.  Go and visit the site now!


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