I’ve been feeling under the weather lately and felt the need for warm soup.  So yesterday, Sunday, P and I went to Masuki (in Sekai Center along Ortigas) to have some noodles.

(side note:  Masuki is from the same family who own and run Mamunlok, the noodle house.)

Anyway, because Sekai Center’s location is not a very practical location (they’re at the corner of a long stretch without a place to turn back into our village), I decided to park near Mary the Queen Church.

And for us to get from where we parked to Sekai Center, we would have to cross Ortigas, using an overpass.

P took some books and a bag of chips which he had opened even in the house.  As we walked up the overpass, we saw three children sitting on the steps.  One of them held out his hand to P, and with their usual tone of begging, mumbled something about “pahingi” (loosely translated—“may I have”) or something like that.

I guess they were all taken aback (and so was I) when P stopped, opened his bag of chips, got out a few and put it in the boy’s hand.  P was going to walk on without giving the others (e, di naman sila humingi, only that boy had his hand held out), but I said he should also give the rest (which he did).

I was so proud of him!


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