The Hubby

I was telling S the other day how impressed I was with how he logically sorts things out, how he tries and makes sure that both parties come out feeling like winners in a negotiation, and in general, with his way of thinking.

Where I would be quick to give in, he would try and see how to ensure the end result is a win-win situation (once when I was negotiating with this certain retailer—and they wanted our products at a certain price–and I was ready not to sell to them but he said, tell them that we can give it at that price IF they order in volume—so end result—win-win!).

S has always been a logical person, while, I , even with the “1” in calculus / Math 100, am not. I am impulsive a lot of the time. But the situations we’ve seen recently, have shown me ways to handle things. S says I should always consider the position (not job position, but where he’s coming from) of the person I’m talking to. And from there, things will be easier.

It’s only in the recent years that I’ve seen S show me his “work” side. Of course, he is logical in all his ways, but when faced with a professional situation, he never fails to impress me with how he thinks. (Yes, and I fall in love with him all over again. Swoooon!)

I was told by a friend that he gave her great perspective when she was going through a difficult time with some business partners. Also, a colleague of his dad told me how impressed his dad (who’s not regularly very generous with words of praise for his sons) was about how he negotiated with some Germans and Japanese (despite the language barrier!) some corporate deal.

Perhaps it is his training in law, or his training at home (has to deal with parties to negotiate with—LOL!), but I am thankful that his ways are teaching me to deal with other people.  Most times, I still forget to put myself in the other person’s shoes, but little by little, I try–and be a good negotiator as he is.

And in the meantime, I’ll step back and let him shine (aka–do the work).  =)

Luv ya, hunny!


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