Tagged again!

Because I am busy to write about what I want to, but I still want to update my blog, I’m thankful Popski tagged me.  LOL.  This is a lazy person’s way to blog…

5 Things Found In My Bag

  1. wallet & coin purse
  2. Aveeno Lip Moisturizer
  3. my USB thumb drive
  4. my hair accessories
  5. my hairbrush

5 Things Found In My Wallet

  1. credit and discount cards
  2. some cash (sometimes)
  3. old bills
  4. famly photo
  5. atm receipts

5 Things Found In My Room

  1. bed
  2. books
  3. television
  4. computer
  5. couch

5 Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do

  1. backpack with the boys
  2. go back to school and study early childhood development
  3. work in a charitable institution without having to worry about money (for myself or for the institution)
  4. to propagate attachment parenting
  5. to go to Boracay.  (LOL!)

5 Things I’m Currently Into

  1. mineral makeup!
  2. my macbook
  3. my advocacies (AP, babywearing, breastfeeding, EC)
  4. my work
  5. bikram yoga

5 People to Tag for This Meme

  1. monica
  2. deng
  3. ella (welcome back to the blogging world!)
  4. aiza
  5. darlene

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