And I thought I was popular…

Didja see the spike, didja, didja?

So I was giddy and excited to find out that other than my Mom (Dad’s still learning email), my sisters and my brother (who probably is too busy to check this out!), and the few of you who regularly check out my blog (hi, Aiza, hi, Darlene, hi, Florence, hi, blueberrycheesecake—uuuy, thanks for the award ha, and we even hadn’t seen each other, sigurado ka ba??!, hi, yummy mummies Monica and Deng) there are people who visit the site!

But then, it’s strange as when I checked the “search engine terms” (These are terms people used to find your blog. — as defined by WordPress), it’s all “Duran Duran”, which leads everyone to my “The 80s” post (see there?ย  284 views?)

Weird.ย  Does anyone know why Duran Duran‘s suddenly popular now?

Have a great week, everyone!


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