At the Glorietta last Friday

So yeah, I was there last Friday. Why? I needed to pick up something from Rustan’s at 1:30PM (note the time!).
I had just come from the Tickled Pink Bazaar at Rockwell around noon and asked Manong to drop me off at G4 so I could get some lunch at Food Choices. I hadn’t been to G4 in a looooong time and I was happy to find lots of new places in the area. (Can you believe that Binondo’s The President Restaurant has a stall there?)

I chose to have lunch at Piadina for old times’ sake (and wondered where Giorgio and Tetta were–they’re regularly at their Robinsons or Greenbelt 1 outlets) and had one of their new items—a Pizzeto (tiny thin crust pizza) and my staple, a tuna piadina. For dessert, I found a kiosk selling funnel cakes (not a really healthy thing, but yum nevertheless. LOL!) and had a (gulp!) caramel crisp one.

Afterwards, it was already nearly 1 so I decided to cross to Rustan’s to sign my name on their list (was picking up a check). Told that guard I’d be back at around 130 because that is when they usually start releasing. So I crossed back and figured I could finally use the Ayala egc (electronic gift certificate) I got ages ago.

I checked for a list of stores at the customer service desk, and decided on Beauty Bar. I went in, walked around, found a couple of things for the kids from Burt’s Bees, paid for them and left.

Did a time check and it was nearly 130 so I walked back to Rustan’s. I crossed the street then was asking the guard if it was my turn already and all I got was a “ba’t ang daming tao dyan sa labas ng Glorietta” response.

I turned my back and lo and behold! There *was* a crowd. (Of course, I was partly craning my neck to see who the artista there was. LOL!) Then someone who ran across from there said that there was some kind of an explosion and there were more people coming out!

Long and short was I ended up getting pushed inside to the employee’s area of Rustan’s for safety. I didn’t hear a blast, nor did I feel the ground shake. But from stories in the newspapers, it was really scary.

The funniest thing I heard was “Ano ba naman?!?!?! (in a really frustrated tone)  Ba’t pa sila dito nagpa-bomba???  Dapat sa Malacanang nalang!!!”  That comment elicited titters from all of us, dispelling fears we all had.  Pinoys always make light of serious situations.

I finally was able to go about and finish my business with Rustan’s I called the driver to come and get me but realized that they’ve already cordoned off the streets, and aren’t letting cars on the road (unless you’re leaving).  The doors of the malls, and even Rustan’s have closed as well—just allowing people out.  I had to walk to Intercon (thank goodness he decided to park there) and we left via EDSA.

It was such a surreal experience.  Being there but not there.  Realizing, hey, it’s probably not my time.  I was like sooo close to the blast spot a few minutes ago.

I don’t know who did this and what was in their minds, but man, I sure hope that they can’t sleep a wink and that they’re so ridden with guilt.  Die scumbags!


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