Daisy is Lurv

I’ve been wanting (note: just wanting, not needing) a mac for the longest time.

And as of last Wednesday, my not-really-high-on-Maslow’s-hierarchy-of-needs want has been answered!!! Check this out—

Yes, we took the plunge and got us one of them MacBooks!!!

I wanted to name her Daisy but S totally refused.

So, between you and me, I’ll call her Daisy. With S, we call it MacKenzie. LOL!

As expected, their packaging was out of this world. So simple, yet so elegant.

I did wonder if all we were paying for was the packaging, and like 40% of the cost was really the notebook itself.

Here she is…

And I think this is S’ compromise on the name…

Daisy in all her glory—

isn’t that such a cool wallpaper? (Well, you might not think it’s such a cool wallpaper after you’ve heard where he got it from. Hahahahahaha!)

And man, there are so many fun software included—all waiting to be discovered!!  Oh, what an exciting journey!!


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