S and I spent Friday night at Tagaytay.

He had a meeting Saturday morning and since the boys were sick, we didn’t take them anymore (yay, time for both of us!). We left Manila not too late in the afternoon to make sure we don’t get stuck in traffic (it’s a b**ch getting caught in traffic between the Alabang viaduct and somewhere near Mamplasan!).

We had dinner at Verbena in Discovery Country Suites, Tagaytay.

Here are some of the pictures I took with the help of our new SB-400 and Picasa’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” function—

Welcome to—

S’s perennial drink

They gave us bread plus this—

The tomato and garlic dip was really good!

We had cheese fondue with tomatoes. This dish came with toasted foccacia bread.

This was our other appetizer, a mushroom dis—super super super yummy!

We had mushroom soup. They has the mushrooms and the green onions on the dish and poured in the soup. Nice and creamy!

We ordered steak—that was good for two. I had mine medium rare with garlic potatoes on the side. The garlic potatoes were goooooooood!

And here was S’ steak, with potato puree (like a baby’s food, but really tasty!) Look at him digging in—that’s him holding the fork.

And, the dessert—super! Panna cotta! One with strawberries, one with oranges, and the other with praline like things and black peppercorn!

Not a very cheap meal, if you ask me, but certainly good. Oh, and so that you have an idea of the place—it reminded me of Breakfast at Antonio’s. We sat at the porch/azotea area (that was enclosed by glass and a screen overlooking the garden). From out there, I took this picture. It’s the “lobby” slash resto of Discovery Country Suites.


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