Of Fellowships (Prep)

pahiyas3.jpgThis year’s fellowship was different. Because we were told that the school would like to focus on values, we had to think of a theme in order to make use of this.

And because I thought the theme had to be Pinoy, S thought it would be good to have a fiesta for the theme.

As the theme of this year’s fellowship is meant to reflect values, we decided that the day will revolve around the community spirit shown in rural Philippine towns; as exemplified in the yearly town fiesta, where people who haven’t been home in years make an effort to come home to be with friends and loved ones, and hospitality, graciousness and generosity are watchwords.

But this one was a bit tricky because the parent council didn’t want us to deviate from the “standard” fare that the had ordered—McDonald’s. (As I said in my earlier posts, the move to make things austere was relatively recent so the “rules and regulations” were still being made up as we went along.

So since food is a big thing during fiestas, it was important that each class prepare something for their “visitors” (parents and children from other classes). The food had to be made out of their own homes (as in keeping with the simplicity—we brought tinapa–smoked fish–rice).

Here are pictures of the great work of the parents—

This was the banner welcoming everyone to the fellowship

Each child was tasked to come up with a “Me and My Hometown” board for them to know about their backgrounds—and to use as decoration for each classroom/province.

This class won “best me and my hometown display” (oh, yes, we had awards this year, but we made sure there were only six, and each section got one)

Here was that same class’ decor outside—

Here was the next class which did had the same province…Bacolod and depicted MassKara

Here was another class showing the Pahiyas in Lucban, Quezon

This was yet another class, they went with the “generic” fiesta theme–

Wasn’t everyone so great? It was a first for the fellowships, really! I’m still wondering what the feedback is, good—hopefully!


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2 responses to “Of Fellowships (Prep)

  • auee

    Looks fun! But did the kids understand what “values” they were meant to learn?

  • jencc

    hi auee, that is a great question. to tell you the truth, since i was doing lots of behind the scenes work, i didn’t notice. but there were *some* children who i noticed, were doing what they were supposed to do—greeting people at the door, mostly.

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