Of Fellowships (Nursery)

So this is what we did for nursery with the following goals in mind:

  • to get everyone to join in all the events at all times
  • to finish in 2 hours or less (remember, this is held on weekends, when parents can actually get time off)
  • to get the parents work hand-in-hand
  • to keep within the budget
  • to make sure everyone had fun

And this was what we came up with, thanks to TT, a veteran parent at that school (he’d gone through FOUR previous fellowships and was tired with the format already)—each class will be in charge of a certain (very simple, which five-year-olds can play with their parents) game, and all games will be done simultaneously.

We had seven sections, and the games were really very easy:

  • Trip to Jerusalem (where, when the music stops, dad sits down first, mom sits on dad and child sits on mom)
  • Chinese number counting (posts were arranged from 1 to 9 in Chinese and the kids and their parents were supposed to arrange themselves by number)
  • Chinese words recognition (using the words they learned like Father, Mother, Girl, Boy)
  • Spelling (each kid was to hold a letter and the parents are supposed to help them spell words like GIRAFFE, HIPPOPOTAMUS, etc)
  • Family Jogging (which made use of the track that the gym had)
  • Walking the Line (this is a major easy game—we stuck masking tape to the floor and had the families “walk the line”
  • Obstacle course (using the playground equipment that was available in school—we skipped this station because it was raining, sayang)

Oh, and I forgot to mention, the theme was supposed to be in line with the ecosystem, so we chose a Jungle theme. Each child was also given a “passport” which needed to be validated per station.

Each class was timed in each activity—but then, we decided that should we give awards, it shouldn’t be competitive, so we had awards like “happiest class”, “class with the biggest attendance”,… (this was in line with S and my “background” from a progressive school)

Here are some photos from that event:

This was from the spelling game

Here’s that “walk the line” event (see the masking tape and how easy it was to explain to the kids what to do?)

All in all, it was a fun day! And we’re glad that we’ve had pretty good feedback about it! Thanks to all the parents and teachers that helped out! And most especially, thanks to TT for that fabulous idea!

Next post—Prep!


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