A Girl

Okay, so my friend E and I were together last Thursday because we had a shoot.  All the models we had had BOYS!  Either one or two boys as children.

And the topic of the day was “don’t you want a girl????”

I was like,”noooo……I think my two boys are enough.”  And funny, E wants another boy, should she get pregnant anytime soon.

And, if I had a girl, it wouldn’t be fair to K—he’d not only be a middle child, he’ll “just be” the 2nd boy.  The girl would not only be “the last”, she’s be the “only girl” (which means, I’d have to have a fourth child, another girl, so equal).  Hahahaha!

And well,  my sister C’s younger daughter Teeny, is adorable.  I’ll just borrow her on some days.  Here are some of her cutest shots!


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